Parsley Beauty Routine for Valentine’s Day

Parsley Beauty Routine for Valentine's Day

First it was cake, then glitter, now its parsley. Apparently, there are some women out there who decided to use parsley to induce their periods, this nasty trend even had doctors come out and warn them of the dangers they’re putting themselves in.

Why would you do that? You know your periods show up every few days, what’s wrong with waiting? Besides, we’ve already established that you should leave your lady bits alone. Don’t decorate her, don’t try to make her taste like a 100 year old wine or try to make her smell like a rose garden.

Anyway, curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out more about this new trend. I was disappointed, shocked and surprised that a mainstream women’s magazine like Marie Claire would advise women to use this dangerous DIY. You know you can actually die from this you, don’t do it don’t even think about it.

Good news though, parsley, not to be confused with coriander (just in case you were wondering) has been used in cooking for ages but little did we know, parsley can be added to our beauty routine. This little herb holds a ton of benefits, with high vitamin A, C, and E, parsley is not only good for your skin but your hair as well. Alright, let’s get to it.

Parsley Hot Oil TreatmentHot Oil Treatment

Don’t let the size of parsley fool you because it’s known to promote hair growth, stop hair loss and maintain natural hair color thanks to its high level of copper. In a jar add finely chopped or blended parsley about half the jar then add flax oil until full, cover and wait for 2 weeks for the parsley to infuse with the oil.

Give the jar a shake every couple of days. Gently pour the parsley infused flax oil in another jar to remove any traces of the parsley using a cloth. Use this oil as a hot oil treatment the way you would with other oils. Parsley infused hot oil treatment will also make your hair softer and shinier.

Another way of making your hot oil treatment using parsley is by adding parsley seed oil in a bottle of your favorite oil blend like coconut, olive, castor oil and grape seed oil. The parsley seed oil is strong so make sure to use it sparingly in carrier oil, don’t use it directly to your hair or skin.

Parsley Beauty Soap Bar

You can ditch your usual soap bar for parsley infused soap because handcrafted parsley beauty soap is known for its exfoliating and lightening properties to not only get rid of dark spots on your face but also give you an even skin tone.

Parsley also erases under eye dark circles, Improves wound healing and prevents dark spots from showing up.

Face Masks

Parsley is great for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Yes, I know you’re young but over exposure to the sun can cause fine lines. What you can do is chop up a handful of parsley mix it with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, blend it until it forms a paste. Use this as a mask and gently massage it into your skin. Rinse off after fifteen to twenty minutes then moisturize.

If your skin is prone to acne, add a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice to your face mask and use it daily until your skin clears up

Skin Detox

If you’re already taking warm lemon water in the morning, you can add fresh parsley to detox your skin. Make parsley lemonade by blending parsley, lemon and a bit of ginger and then add warm water and honey to taste, enjoy. You’ll notice the health of your skin improving after few days of taking this drink.

There you have it, other ways you can parsley to your beauty routine without taking a trip to your doctor or risking your life.

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