Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Passion Twists made in time for the holidays

We’ve had Marley, Havana, Spring and Senegalese twists but 2018 wouldn’t have been a great year without a new kind of twists. Allow me to introduce Passion twists, the new twists on the block.

Created by Boho Babe, popularly known as xolovekailyn on Instagram. These twists give a new meaning to Goddess locs.

Boho Babe known for her hairstyle skills on Instagram, created this perfect blend between goddess locs and twists and were here for it. Check out Boho Babe’s YouTube channel for the tutorial under passion twists if you want this style then head over to your hairdresser’s chair.

Passion twists haven’t quite caught on in Nairobi yet so you’re sure this style will be turning heads this holiday.

Boho Babe admits that doing hair has been her passion since as long as she could remember.

Since her grandmother was a cosmetology educator, Boho was inspired by her craftsmanship. This made her start making hair for her own hair as well as that of her friends. By high school, she was making and installing her own wigs!

Below are some of Boho Babe’s awesome creations.

An all-black passion twists

Long passion twists with a touch of brown

A closer look at the ends, these long brown black passion twists can also last you about 2 months with a little retouch and proper maintainance. For all the naturals like me who don’t like sitting in a hairdressers chair for hours, passion twists can also be made in crochet style, saving you time whilst giving you the Boho Babe look.


Passion TwistsThere you go, these attention grabbing passion twists are in for the holidays.

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