Personal Story: The dilemma of being fat

Body shaming

By Grace Nyambura;

Sometimes being fat is awesome, and sometimes it’s difficult. Spaces aren’t designed for larger bodies. Public transport is a nightmare. But a big body has just as much right as a smaller body.

Being fat can feel rebellious. Being fat and loving yourself is something completely different.

I am thick: I have got fluffy arms, thighs that touch one another and a tummy. When I was a kid growing up,people were always judging me saying that I had to lose weight.I was bullied a lot and I hated my body – absolutely hated it.

It really affected my mental health.I went on a big, long-term diet. I wouldn’t eat.I hid myself in baggy clothes which mind you made me look extra large.I didn’t wear what I admired.I wanted my skin to be lighter and a lot slimmer. I was made to feel that there was something wrong with my body.

To be honest it wasn’t worth cause I was letting what the society wants me to be get in my head.As I’ve got older, I’ve grown into my body. That’s the best way to say it. It kind of grew on me. When I finally became happy with where I was, when I stopped always trying to improve, that made a big difference.

I’m no longer trying to change myself to fit society. I’m trying to change society so it can fit me. Body positivity is not just for fat people or skinny people, it’s for everyone. Body positivity is the freedom that comes with being able to be happy with yourself.

It gives you so much time to do other things, to travel, to think, to write, to make friends without having to worry about how you look all the time. Everyone could use a bit of body positivity in their life. I want society to accept me as a human being whose worth is not defined by weight, appearance or health.

I think it scares people that you can exist in a way that you haven’t been told that you can exist.

There’s no-one out there who’s going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you’re fat, simple as that. If you find someone who does, treasure them, appreciate them, and tell them how good they make you feel.

Don’t be that person who is always demoralizing someone, or always being judgmental, because you also have your flaws. Everyone has things they need to work on.

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