PICK IT!: The Ultimate College Packing Guide for Freshers

Right now, many would-be campus freshmen are just counting days before the big day when they will start referring to themselves as ‘comrades’ come. Many of you have bought several suitcases the size of a Vitz or Probox and you are still having a headache with regards to what you should carry to campus and what you should leave at home. Here’s a simple guide to help you pack for your first semester on campus:

A Full-Length Mirror

You need to always look on point before you hit the lecture halls or head out to town and you also need to know whether you are adding or losing ‘meat’ in the right places as the semester progresses. A full-length mirror will do the trick by helping you check out your outfit, your makeup and it can also be a decorative way of filling up empty spaces on your wall.

Tote Bag

No collegiette who wants to look cute in a nice outfit and head to class carrying a high school backpack like a confused Form one girl! Ditch the backpack and get yourself a tote bag that doubles as both adorable and practical to hold all your class essentials and enhance your style. Make sure that your tote bag has enough space for your laptop, charger, keys and ID, notebook, phone and writing materials. Additionally, ensure that your tote back has a strong strap to hold all these stuff securely.

Manicure Tools

Campus is not always books 24/7 my dear! In fact, there are students who go to class four times in a week and that is not because they are skiving classes, but because that is how their classes are arranged! So you will need some “me time” from time to time to pamper yourself. While these “me times” are often spent in salons and other entertainment spots thanks to HELB, it comes a time when you achieve the “broke college student” status and you can no longer afford costly manicures. This is why you need to carry your favorite nail polish and other manicure tools because no one said you can’t look good when you are broke!

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Flat Shoes

Heels are for the weekend parties and other twerking opportunities you may get on campus but attending lectures in heels can be quite a daunting task and you wouldn’t want to have back problems! So, get yourself some nice flat shoes in different colors and makes to complement your outfits every time you step out for your lectures…..only wear heels to class when necessary, and not always. Therefore, the ratio of flat shoes to heels should be 3:1.

Day-to-Night Tops

I know right now you are being bombarded by the usual pieces of advice on why you should concentrate on your studies and forego party life and your parents may even be helping you pack so that you don’t include any cloth that would suggest that you will be partying on campus. Campus without fun is a detention camp and some of the fun comes from partying! Get yourself some cute tops that will easily make the transition from appropriate for class to fun for a night out. Throw in there some jewelry such as statement necklaces, dangly earrings and bangles to enhance your look.

Cleaning Products

If you are a neat freak, then you need to buy some basic cleaning products for your room because college hostels can really get dirty! Mum is not around to pick up your messes for you at college and therefore if you don’t clean up, you will end up with a pigsty for a room. Buy some Dettol for your cleaning, Glade and Harpic for your toilet and keep your room smelling fresh at all times.


If you are on any prescription drug, it is essential that you carry them but don’t forget the basics such as painkillers and cold medicines. These simple meds are often left behind and you don’t realize you need them until you start cramping and can no longer attend classes. Get yourself a first aid kit to carry other essentials for minor injuries.

Birth Control

Most students often have their first sexual encounter on campus and this may range from consensual sex to rape. Additionally, studies have shown that most campus students fear pregnancy more than AIDSand therefore most of them start taking birth control during college. Before joining campus, you need to talk to your doctor about birth control so that you make an informed decision regarding the suitable birth control for you. Take control of your life and even carry some condoms with you so that no man can use the pretext of “sijacome na CD” to have unprotected sex with you.

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Breakfast Food

Many students will admit that during their freshmen year, they hardly cooked for themselves and most of them relied on the campus mess for their breakfast, lunch and supper. However, with the first lecture of the day starting at 8:00am, you might risk being late for the lecture or missing out on your breakfast while in a rush to get to class early. Therefore, save yourself from frustrations by stocking up on cheap and nutritious options like Chocolate bars to keep you awake and full during those pesky early-morning lectures. If you are not a bars person, then you can stock up oatmeal, cereal and peanut butter to serve the same purpose.

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