Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Raising Imperfect but Strong girls

Strong girls

I read a certain article on male undergraduates show more confidence when applying for job opportunities than their female counterparts. The researchers linked this trend to attitudes already present in younger male and female students.

This got me wondering how being a girl in the 21st Century is the hardest thing ever. What if we could raise girls the same way we raise boys? Boys are raised knowing imperfection is okay and that taking risks and making mistakes is the reality of life. Girls on the other hand are raised to be perfect beings we want to see.

For example, a girl getting pregnant and a boy impregnating a girl are two different definition of a mistake in the society which is quite shocking discovery. In fact, a boy is likely to be celebrated for impregnating a girl. The pregnant girl on the other hand will bear the wrath of the society.

Mistakes are part of life of Strong Girls

Boys are raised knowing making mistakes is okay because men are strong beings. What if we raised our girls with the same attitude? Raising them to know that mistakes are bound to happen because she is strong and girls also make mistakes and whatever she does she is strong.

Making them know you will never judge them in terms of their mistakes but their bravery in dealing with those mistakes. Girls should know that making dumb decision is part of life. That taking risks is an everyday cup of tea for a strong girl.

It is sad that being a woman in the 21st Century is no way better than being a woman in the 1950’s. It is in this generation that we should raise those imperfect girls in the best way possible. This may help solve a lot of issues including abortions, suicidal thoughts, unwanted pregnancies and many other problems that girls go through every day.

Let’s wake up and raise those imperfect and strong girls that we will be proud of in the future than the perfect beings that the society want to see.

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