Reasons why many campus ladies are still single

Single Campus Ladies

It is tough being in a relationship on campus today. In fact some of the single campus ladies are not single by choice but rather by circumstances.In a society where campus has both men and women of dating age, one would expect that campus ladies are in a stable relationship with their male colleagues on campus. However, that is not the situation.

I talked to several ladies from across three major universities in Kenya and tried to find out why they were still single. Here are the top five reasons why most campus ladies are still single.

Sugar Mummies Galore

We have all castigated female university students who have been discovered to have been dating older men. When Sharon died, everyone focused more on her relationship with an older Obado than the murder crime that had been committed. Little did we know that even campus boys have sugar mummies!

“I fell in love with a third year student while in my first year. However, after several months of dating, I realized that he hardly had time for me over the weekends. I later found out that he was dating a woman old enough to be his mother,” Caroline, a third year student at Mount Kenya University – Thika told me. Ever since the discovery, Caroline swore never to date again until she clears school.

Mama’s Boys

No campus lady would want to mother a grown ass man on campus. Certainly, no campus lady would be willing to have her decisions with her boyfriend to go through the boyfriend’s mother before being implemented. Campuses are today filled with momma’s boys. They cry like babies at the slightest provocation. They can never stand up for themselves if their momma is not around.

“I had a boyfriend who would call his mother and discuss everything with her before we could do anything”, Shelmith, a student at Egerton University said. “Additionally, every disagreement with him would end up with him crying his eyes red and seeking consolation from his mother. I was not ready to mother him. I called it quits.” This is a common phenomenon with many mother’s boys across campus.

Insecure Campus Boys

Campus boyds have become overly insecure that a simple chat with your cousin will land you into trouble if you are dating. Most of the campus ladies who have died have been killed out of the jealousy of their boyfriends. Your supposed sweetheart gets you having a chat with your male classmate and he concludes that you are cheating on him.

“Why would I risk my life in the name of dating while on campus?” a student from KCA quipped when we asked her if she was dating. According to her, campus is full of many opportunities and tying yourself to one man is a recipe for disaster. “You can’t even hang out with friends without your boyfriend getting angry. It is like you are a wife but without a ring on it. I can’t!” she says emphatically.

Hit-and-Run Culture

When Freshers report for their first semester on campus, campus men hover around them like hungry hyenas in the name of “orientation.” However, the only orientation these sex-hungry men know is one-night-stands. They pretend to be friends for as long as you have not removed your panties. The moment you drop your panty for them and give them access, they flee like you are a plague.

“I had a nasty experience in my first week on campus that I wouldn’t like to remember” Seraphine, a student at Maseno university started when we asked her what made her decide to be single. “There is this boy I fell in love with during orientation. Little did I know that all he wanted was to have sex with me” she continues. According to Seraphine, once the then third year student broke her virginity in a painful experience, she could not even trace his room on campus. That was the last time she saw him.

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