Reasons Why Your Boyfriend may be turning you into a DRAMA QUEEN

Campus Drama Queen

As ladies, we have always been known to be drama queens in most instances. Apparently, it is said that we overreact so much even at the slightest provocation. But my question is, why provoke us if you know too well that we may over-react? Anyway, I did some simple research and discovered that close to 80% (this is imagined statistics but well, who cares?) of our drama might be caused by the men in our lives. Here’s why:

1. A Chaotic Man

Have you ever dated a man to whom the only solution to problems is either fighting, breaking things or causing chaos? Well, sooner or later he will infect you with this bug and you will see yourself using his tactics to solve issues in your life. You will start overreacting to small things and even become dramatic towards your girlfriends.

2. Mixed Signals Man

There are those men who are not sure of what they want in life. Today they will show you just how much you mean to them and how much they want to be with you and tomorrow they will be distant as hell and sometimes even take ages to reply to your texts. Such men are watermelon in nature and may cause your head to burst with the mixed signals because you are not sure of the future of your relationship. This could make you become dramatic.

3. He Can’t Just Keep his D*ck in His Pants

While most campus guys rely on HELB for their upkeep and therefore have no money to entice girls with, some of them have a smooth tongue and their manhood can’t just stay in their pants. Dating such guys will land you into more drama than you can even imagine. Today you will be fighting Cynthia and tomorrow it is your best friend you will be fighting just to keep her away from your supposed man. Before you know it, you will be a full-blown drama queen.

4. “I Don’t Want to Talk About it”

This statement personally irritates me a lot especially when I really need to talk about something that is of great import. Some campus guys would rather avoid confrontation by avoiding talking about sensitive topics with their girlfriends. While this might seem as mature, we ladies are wired to vent out and if we hold in a lot of emotions, we might just explored!

If you find yourself dating such men on campus, chances of your developing drama queen tendencies are extremely high. So, what’s the solution? Well, unless you want to be the Campus Queen of Drama, the best option is avoiding such men as a plague!

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