Relationship is Meant to be a Bed of Roses but Don’t Ignore the Thorns

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Love, loving, sweet words, promises, vows, caring words and much more are the things we know for those people who love each other.

But loving is like driving, you need to have your driving license and take care of your car as well if it is to last. Love your car, keep it clean, service your car, do no overspeed, be careful with black spots.

Dear lovers read this article to overstand not just understand.

I hear the sweeter you treat her the longer you will keep her and the sweeter you treat him the longer you will have him. There’s no paradise without trouble. Fights and arguments will pop up in a relationship the question is how far you let it go.

Recently there’s an increase in the number of people stabbing their spouses to death and hardly a week will go by before you hear of yet another spousal killing. The most recent, recent because it was popular and involved a person of interest is that which involved a rugby player, Mike Okombe.

I know so much more has happened about spouses stabbing each other to death or nearly death only that reporting has gone up recently otherwise a lot is still held under the waters. What is going in here folks?? When you make vows to your partner is stabbing one of them? Is violence one among them?

Has he or she ever raised a fist as if he was going to hit you and halfway he dropped it? Has he or she ever thrown an object that hit you or nearly hit you? Has he or she ever held you down or grabbed you to restrain you? Have they ever threatened you?

If you nodded your head or whispered a silent yes to any of these questions, then there is no need to wait for a stab. Do not wait for the day they will get the kitchen knife and hold it over a trembling you, do not wait for them to get violent, hey they already are.

They already portraying signs of a partner that is likely to strangle you to death, one who is likely to hit your head against the wall so hard that you will be no more. They are already quarreling you and getting so angry that their fists are clenching against themselves like they holding something, my dear you are treading a wrong path. When they settle with you, you may not be able to run away to your apartment or to your girl friend’s place because you will be a legal wife.

Save yourself when you can. An abusive partner will drain you in all ways possible. Do not drain yourself for anyone. When it cannot work call it quits at an early stage. Do not take it to the alter, before God and friends and make vows that you two do not believe in.only later then will you call the same friends for a tragedy that you may have caused yourself. Prevent it as early as you can that’s my word.

Be in the kind of a relationship you enjoy every bit of it together. Do not be bound to fit into someone’s life. Let it just come freely no forcing and no ill intentions. No draining each other in any way but rather a support initiative. Make your relationship what you want without pressuring any one you. When it cannot work, do not force it can’t just. Let go and let with everything. I mean freely in that you won’t follow them and stab them even in their next relationship.

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