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When the holidays are hurriedly coming to an end and you realize that you’ve enjoyed so much that you forgot about your revision. The next course of action for most students in such a situation is setting into the panic mode. You try checking out your books but you can’t just figure out which one you ought to read first.

Here are some good news in your panic mode! YOU DON’T NEED TO PANIC! In fact, all you need is to relax and follow this tried and tested revision tips that will transform your score in the final exams!

1. Draw up a Revision Timetable

A timetable is an integral part of a student’s life. Without a timetable, then your academic life amounts to chaos and confusion. Studies have shown that concentration is usually at it’s peak in the first 20 -30 minutes of reading or revision.

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Therefore, have your revision timetable with 25 minutes revision time and a 5 – 10 minutes break in between. Consider interchanging the revision subjects to eliminate boredom and monotony.

2. Make Summary Notes

I can assure you that this is a tedious exercise. However, it’s worth the sweat considering the good results that comes out of it. Making summary notes is one of the handy revision tips that will make sure you not only enjoy your revision but also remember most of the important points in the notes worth remembering.

Do not waste yourself reading the whole day from morning till evening without taking any notes hoping to remember what you’ll have read! Truth is, you won’t remember 90% of what you will have read.

A look at the summary notes made during the reading process will automatically remind you of all the important information about the point you will have written in your notes.

3. Past Papers Are Important

Trust me you that 98% of Examiners will repeat 100% Past Paper Questions. I’d say the time for inventing new questions is over! Ask your lecturer for the past papers or make use of Google.

Go through as many past papers as possible. You might not get the same wordings of a question but you will get one or two that look similar to those you tackled during your revision.

4. Start In the Morning and Relax in the Evening

The probability of having a girls’ morning out is close to zero. Therefore, with less distractions, start working on your revision early in the morning.

If possible, switch off your mobile to minimize distractions.

Have some 30 minutes or 1 hour in the evening to relax and have time to catch up with your girlfriends. This implies that your revision should not interfere with your social life.

5. Make Use of the Power of Positive Thinking

Many students fail exams – not because they did not revise well, but because they thought of themselves as failures. There’s a high probability that whatever goes through your mind will actually come to happen. Therefore, it’s very important to think of yourself in a positive way.

The power of positive thinking is what will differentiate you from your colleague who has done thorough revision but does not believe in themselves. Believing in yourself already earns you 30 % in your exams. Therefore, do not deny yourself marks through self-doubt.

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