S3x and Drug Abuse on Campus: WHY?

Sex and Drugs

By Derrick Mutugu

Sex and Drugs
The Freedom that campus life presents makes lowering of pants easier

Campus life is one of the biggest achievement in one’s life. It’s looked upon as a highway towards one’s success in life. Students starting their campus life are full of goals and ambitions. They hope that the time they spend in campus prepares them for their future independent life.

Puzzling enough, most of them divert from their set goals and ambitions down to a different path. Sex and drug abuse are the major diversions that the students are known to take. Sexual activities, drug abuse and campus life have literally been going hand in hand for decades.

Increased freedom is one of the reason as to why campus students are more likely to be vulnerable to sex and drug abuse. Being away from home and under no parental guidance gives a student the power to make decisions with no accountability hence confining students towards attending parties, bars and engaging in irresponsible sexual activities.

Unstructured time also creates time for use of drugs and engaging in sexual activities. A lot of downtime in a class schedule, which is not well planned, creates holes in a day’s schedule. The unscheduled time mostly end up being used through use of drugs or engaging in sexual indulgence.

Peer pressure is another reason that contributes towards escalated use of drugs and involvement in sexual activities. The urge of the students to fit in leads them to engaging in the practices. Alcohol is known to lower social inhibitions and makes socializing easier hence creating a room of binge drinking. This mostly leads to voyeurism exhibitionism and other sexual assaults.

Some of the other reasons that are likely to cause sex and drug abuse in campus are; academic pressure, students use drugs in the conception that it will help them remain focused and study for long hours. Curiosity too contributes towards participation in sexual practices and drug abuse. Campus years are mostly used for experimentation and trying new things. Stress and the feeling of inadequacy also contributes towards substance abuse and sexual practices. Through drug abuse students tend to inhibit their anxiety, low self-esteem and shyness to increase their confidence.

Sex and drug abuse is disquieting dangerous due to its consequences. Death is one of those consequences, where-by an overdose or accidents due to incapacitation caused by drug abuse may lead to loss of life. Health problems too are consequences of drug abuse and also it may be as a result of unsafe sexual practices.

Sexual assaults lead to social stigma and trauma. Students fail to report such incidents especially if it was as a result of drug intoxication. Failure to report such incidences is mostly due to fear of blame and distrust among partners in a relationship. There are also male sexual assaults but there are minimal reports of the incidences. This is mostly due to social stigma where there is stereotypes of machismo, toughness and lack of vulnerability.

Sex and drug abuse has become rampart in campus. Introduction of sex and drug abuse talks may reduce the practice of the vices through educating the students about their consequences. This enables them to know what they are getting themselves into. It also helps them when choosing their company. Choosing acquaintances wisely enable them to achieve their main goals and ambitions in campus.

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