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Campus Safety
Campus Safety is our Priority

While campuses are supposed to be institutions of academic and intellectual development, they are turning into dens of torture for female students.

Hardly a months goes without hearing cases of sexual abuse and assault in Kenyan universities.

According to an article by the Kenyan Woman, universities and colleges in Kenya are turning out to be the most unsafe institution for young women.

The article points out that the numbers of young women who have been killed, raped or simply disappeared is astounding. Most of these deaths and disappearances are blamed on a scorned lover or allegations of cheating.

This year alone, cases of female university students dying in the hands of their lovers or the people they trusted have hit the headlines more than once.

The most gruesome one must be the one involving Rongo University student Sharon Otieno in which Migori Governor Okoth Obando was heavily implicated.

Many Assaults go Unreported on Kenyan Campuses

What is not highlighted is the innumerable number of cases that go unreported because they probably did not lead to loss of life.

Listening to stories by female students across Kenyan universities, those in relationships admit that it is not a bed of roses pointing to the various challenges that they face.

Apart from having to deal with cheating boyfriends, they have to persevere assault and engaging in unsafe sexual practices in the name of satisfying their boyfriends.

Others have had to commit suicide when they felt that the pressure or suffering they were undergoing was unbearable.

Effectively, it is not easy to determine the number of cases of girls who have been assaulted, abused or killed by their lovers.

In short, learning institutions that are supposed to be safe havens for girls who are seeking knowledge are turning out to be a place where students are abused and their rights violated.


What’s more discouraging is the fact that getting official response for the sexual assaults and deaths is next to impossible.

Campus Safety Clubs will promote campus safety

Violence against young women in universities is so bad that fear has been instilled that nobody wants to talk about what is going on including the administration.

Girls are being forced to have abortion by their boyfriends, and often unsafe abortion done in the backstreet clinics.

While several laws have been enacted to protect victims of sexual violence and assaults, the implementation of these has been negligible across many campuses.

There is, however, a ray of hope as The Campus Lady Magazine is now committing to the promotion of #SafeCampuses across Kenya.

Through this initiative, students from university will come together into a club-like organization to chart a way forward in promoting campus safety.

Through these clubs, the students will work to implement campus safety programs that will include a help-line, counseling services, and social support for the victims.

The various initiatives of the clubs will be highlighted by The Campus Lady Magazine as we seek to inculcate a Safety Culture across Kenyan campuses.

More information about the requirements and benefits of joining the Campus Safety Club will be communicated in due course.

If you would like to be a pioneer of the campus safety club in your campus, please FILL UP THIS FORM and let us get the ball rolling.

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