Safety tips every college girl should live by

Campus Safety Tips

Campus life can be extremely fun…but it can equally get risky within mo time and therefore staying safe is very important.

While it is important for our colleges to ensure our safety on campus, it is crucial to understand that safety starts with me and you.

Here are some simple safety tips you can follow to make your college experience still fun but also safer!

Travel with a Trusted Buddy

Weekend hikes and road trips are some of the things that make campus life a fun experience. However, it is good to ensure that if you sign up for such activities, you have a trusted buddy coming along. You will be each other’s accountability partners so that in case either of you is in a risky situation, the other person can easily call for help.

Nothing good happens after 3 AM

This saying has never been more meaningful than to a college woman out having fun with friends. There are always creepy people out there just waiting on you to wonder off from that party late at night alone. If you have to go out partying, make sure that you have a friend accompany you.

Also, when exams are around the corner, it is common to have students stay up late at the library or the common room studying. However, this is also the time when sex pests are lurking allover the hostels. If you must study from the library or the common room, leave early or stay late with a friend. The possibility of being attacked is slimmer when you have a friend.

Set up Speed Dial on your Phone

The era of smartphones has revolutionized the way we ensure our personal safety. The first way is through setting up a speed dial on your phone. One of these should be the campus security numbers so that in case of an emergency you can quickly place a call to them.

Alternatively, there are many mobile applications that have been developed to enable you get emergency help. With a voice command, these apps can make a call to an emergency number, send a text for help or even send a text containing your location details.

Stay Alert

As boring as that walk back from the library may be, don’t be looking down at your phone to forget your environment. Keep your eyes open and look around you. The more alert you are, the easier it will be to spot a threat from far away or to know to avoid certain areas.

Watch your Drink

Partying is one of the most enjoyable part of campus experience. However, while you might be there to have a good time, there is always that creepy fellow looking for easy targets. Always make sure that you keep an eye on your drink.

Just to make sure everything is safe, take your drink everywhere you go. If you do end up leaving it somewhere, just get a new one yourself. I’ve heard horror stories of girls’ drinks getting drugged and the horrific outcomes. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Let People Know where you are going

While campus is that place where you get to experience the highest sense of freedom, safety is important. Always let someone know where you’ll be going and what time they should expect you back. College roommates are a good start, but you can also call a classmate, or a friend to inform them.

Carry Your Self-Defense Devices

While a smile is believed to be the best disarmament, there are situations where it doesn’t work. Therefore, apart from carrying your smile, have your pepper spray handy or whatever self defense device you use. Most importantly, know how the device you carry around for self defense is used. This is because it would be useless walking around with something you don’t know how to use.

Walk in Well-lit Areas

Every campus has that dark spot where light bulbs are never installed or they break down as soon as they are installed. Most often, that dark area has the short cut to our hostel from the market or the library. While it may seem convenient, always take the brightest safest route. The more street lights the better. You never know who can be waiting for you in the dark.

Have the key to your room handy

When approaching your room, always have your keys handy so that you spend minimal time at your door. The longer you stay trying to unlock your door, the easier you become a target for creeps. Therefore, if you padlock is having issues unlocking, change it.

When you are several meters from your room, take start reaching for your keys and unlock the door as soon as you get to it. As soon as you get inside your room, lock your door. This helps you avoid any unwanted perpetrators from getting inside your room.

Join the Campus Safety Club

The Campus Lady Magazine is working to launch Campus Safety Clubs across Kenyan campuses so as students can keep themselves updated on campus safety tips. To always remain on the know, sign up for the Campus Safety Club at you college HERE

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