#SavetheGirl: Is Thika Becoming a Prostitution Den?

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Thika Prostitution

Over the years I’ve known Thika to be the home of pineapples. A beautiful town with so much to admire and a place you’d choose to live given a chance.

This has since changed due to the high number of street girls trading their bodies in exchange for money. I watched an expose and wasn’t convinced. What I watched was not something I chose to buy and decided to take a tour. Yesterday I spent my afternoon hours in Thika town. Thika has been in the news for all the bad things of late one being the KCB bank saga.

I had received a call earlier last month from a friend who lives in Juja informing me how bad Thika has turned. He described the girls as ‘Minji Minji cia Thika‘. We conversed and he told me how married men are spoiling university girls with money which has increased the number of prostitution in the town. Body selling has been considered the quickest way to earn. All you need is your body and a willing buyer and you’re sorted.

When the time came I spotted few girls, their dressing could tell it all. ‘Hey we are here for business and selling our bodies in this case’

It caught me, you see a woman’s body should be private but these ones had paraded theirs for sale. I felt weak, this topic has always drained me. It hurts me seeing women is such a state. With time the number increased. All standing near the walls of some buildings lined up. The courage in them was something else, they were calling what they term as clients from the other end without fear.

For once I had to put myself in their shoes. I imagined it was my blood sister and wondered what I could do. I had some fear, I didn’t know how they will react but I still braved myself and had a chat with two of them. I approached two of them with a smile you’d think I was in the business too. The only difference was the dressing, I was in a long black dress just like a church girl.

Shock got me when they told me they were students from a nearby university that I choose not to mention for security reasons. Their parents struggling to raise their school fees and young babies upcountry they thought prostitution was the only way towards their upkeep. They’ve been in this market for the last one year and both are second-year students.

They told me that the business is open to people of all ages such that even a ten-year-old is free to trade herself for money. They ventured into this industry after life became hard and the friend they approached introduced them to prostitution.

“It’s always hard and shameful the first few months,” one of them said. “You’re always alert, someone you know can spot you. But with time you get used and stop being bothered by people. The first months I couldn’t do it openly, I used to hide in less busy streets unlike now” she continued.

College and university students are doing this in broad daylight. It’s hard to write this, my body breaks into pieces. Last time I did a write up about Nairobi’s River Road Prostitutes. We didn’t get help at all. Here comes another one. How many times are we supposed to write to raise alarm? It’s time we stop writing without helping.

I want to reach our leaders, school girls can’t be trading their bodies to put food on the table. We can’t be selling our bodies to make our hair. We must look for solutions even if it means reaching the president. We want help as early as now!


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