Self-care tips for new mothers

New Mothers Tips

Motherhood is an incredible journey but can be difficult as well. After children are born, mothers turn all their attention and focus to their children. This is an incredible gift of love but can come at the expense of a mother’s well-being. Over time it is strenuous and draining. Easily seen through lack of energy, a social life or stress, among others.

Here are some self-care tips that every new mother can find helpful in their motherhood journey:

Perfection Isn’t Achievable

Striving for perfection is exhausting and impossible to achieve. It’s commonplace to find mothers striving to keep the house and kids sparkling clean; toys in the right places; and meals on time. Everything done right! This causes a strain on the mom, the child(ren) and everyone else around them. This in turn causes great unhappiness. As a mother remind yourself that being imperfect is okay.

Sieve Every Advice Given

Lots of unsolicited advice is thrown at new mothers from all corners of their lives. People have an innate need for control so they’ll do that by dishing out advice on how you should and shouldn’t raise your child. If you need advice ask a person you trust or a professional such a pediatrician or nurse at the clinic. This helps you stay sane.

Exercise and Nutrition

One of the most definite consequence of child birth is the post-baby belly fat. In fact, Losing belly fat after having a baby is often a top priority for new mothers, but results can be harder than expected. There are stories of mothers who have ended up hurting themselves while trying to do away with the belly fat.

However, regular Exercise and proper nutrition is the best way to approach your need to lose belly fat. It benefits both you and your kid. Regular exercise and proper nutrition also helps you stay healthy and at the same time, kids observe what you do hence make healthy choices.

Take care of your body you are going to need it.

Time Schedule

Knowing what needs to be done and when it needs to be done helps both you and your child in many ways. First, the child will grow up with a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. But most importantly, having a schedule prevents you from having to improvise, reducing mental strain.

Write down a time schedule and follow it to the later!

Trust your Intuition

There are no written commandments on motherhood. Therefore, anything you are sure about and haven’t gotten help with, trust your instincts they are always right.

Ask and Seek for Help

There’s no shame in asking and finding help as a mother. Ask your spouse or anyone living with you for help around the house. Get someone to run errands instead. Outsource labor, housekeeping, laundry services toMama Fuaif possible.

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Keep in mind a tired mom is an unhappy one and getting help doesn’t make you a slob.

Use the Internet

In this age of information, vast resources are present on parenting. Make sure to read widely, watch videos such as Super nanny on YouTube, listen to audios by experts. Whichever way you like it, educate yourself on matters parenting. Remember, Information brings Knowledge and Knowledge is Power.

Have Self-Quality Time

Get a trusted person to watch your kid(s) to have some time to yourself. Practice your hobby, meditate, get your hair and nails done, meet up friends, a massage, sleep or eat at your favorite restaurant. Get in touch with yourself, whatever makes you happy, do it. You are important and need you to be happy!

I hope this makes it a little easier to navigate the parenting journey by mothers.

All the best Moms, You are Amazing.