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You got two parents. I do. You went two an International School or even the so-called Goup of Schools. I can see the hardwork behind that. There is this other fellow, mtu wa kawaida tu. And finally this other one, that am going to talk about. The needy!

Have ever called yourself a meeting and ask the proud part of yourself how many needy people are there in the entire universe. I have never. But it is perhaps a fact that they do exist. Look!! Just next to you.

And so I met Lyn, a Mass Communication student at Daystar University. She, with the help of a couple of friends, started the YOUNG STAR GENERATION GROUP. Their main aim was to reach out for the needy, especially the orphans and the homeless. She lives in Pangani. From my spoken poetry all I can say is, “wasee wa PANGANI huwa na dreams za kuPAA ANGANI. “

Well that aside, she gets a lot of support from her loving parents and friends. As a young lady she faces the challenge of inadequate funds. Moreover some members dropped out on the way but she is happy the group has a membership of almost a hundred members.

Despite all the challenges, she is still strong. She smiles all through the storms. And to me, this affirms what Ariana Dancu says about a strong woman. She argues, “she made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. “This is phenomenal, right?

She has made steps in her move. She has visited several children’s homes and orphanages. This Sunday, 10th December, I will accompany her to SHELTER CHILDRENS HOME in Ngong for this great adventure. We plan to buy food staff and clothes for this beloved children. We put smiles on faces.

And finally, in his song ‘wake up’, Haitian rapper, musician and actor addresses the issue of helping the needy children. This is what he says;

Do you believe that the children of the world deserve a good life
Well if you do its time to wake up your mind
We can make it better and I know it could take some time
But we gotta start somewhere
How about from you and me
From us it goes to other then we can have our unity.

I just found myself loving that piece. I can’t add anything.
Vile tu MTURAA hupea mtu RAHA kujeni tuwape watoto raha.

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