Sharon Anyango: This is why I Lost the #FaceofNivea Competition

She dared to dream. Even though her dream fell by a large margin especially when you compare the number of votes gotten by the winner of the #FaceofNivea and her paltry 30 votes, you might think that she was dented and would never dream again.

But that is not Sharon Anyango Ochieng. The 21 year old sassy Technical University of Mombasa student is not done yet and she will throw her hat in the ring again and again for the love of fashion. We had a chat with her and here is what she had to say.

Which university are you? Course? Year of study?

I’m taking Bachelor of Commerce at the Technical University of Mombasa . I’m also studying CPA ( certified public accountant.

What is your source of inspiration in life?
My source (of inspiration) is my desire to transform lives of those within my reach using readily available resources .
How did you come to learn about the #FaceofNivea Competition?
I learnt about Face of Nivea through a referral from my best friend.
What is your fashion statement?
My fashion statement can be described as simple and elegant.
What inspired you to participate in the competition?
I love Nivea, infact I have been using Nivea for the longest time because it works perfect for my skin, and being a part-time model I believe would be in the best position to advertise Nivea. I managed to get 30 votes.
Why do you think you did not win the competition?
The reason of my loss is because I learnt of the competition quite late and as such I was unable to lobby for enough votes.
If you had won the competition, what would you have done with the opportunity?
I would use the opportunity to endorse Nivea products to potential customers because I am also good at marketing.
Who is your role model?
My role model is Lupita Nyongo.
Would you participate in any other competition?
Yes I would participate in another competition because I believe in resilience and the ability to try one More time.
What is the one lesson you have learnt from the #FaceofNivea Competition?
My biggest lesson was to always have a teachable spirit.
What is your pet peeve?
My pet peeve is that I tell people stories with characters they don’t know assuming they know the characters.

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