SHOCKING VIDEO: “Mali ya Sponsor” Campus Ladies Reveal why they have Sponsors

Campus Ladies with Sponsors

The life of Kenyan Campus Ladies has always been mysterious especially judging from the kind of lifestyle most of them lead. With the latest trend of “Sponsors”, Brian Wamugi went out to interview several ladies with sponsors on what led them into such lifestyles and whether they have any regrets. Here’s an excerpt of the interview, for the full interview, watch the YoutTube video below this excerpt.

When did you decide to have a sponsor?

I didn’t think that I’d get there, or rather I’ll be having a sponsor, but it’s just the trends that are happening in campus so a friend of mine introduced me to it.

When I joined the university, I wanted to fit in.

I was having financial challenges.

I started dating a sponsor when I was in second year.

Are you aware of the associated risks?

It all depends on what are you going to do in that relationship or what is at stake. So I understand what comes with being in such a relationship of having an older person who is financing your lifestyle and you being a student and offering sexual favors so to say to the person. So, of course, I understand what comes with all that.

There is a lot of risks and I know about them but you know in anything you have to take risks.

There are so many risks like unawezapatikana na bibi ya wenyewe utwangwe. Apart from that there is a lot of drama involved you find that sponsors have several chics

Do your inner-self feel contented?

If it is not a sponsor, I’d be having a boyfriend, a campus boy, probably not able to do what my sponsor does, that takes me to nice restaurants, buy me new stuff, all the way… at the end of the day it also comes down to having a sexual relationship.

I usually feel like I am worthless, it makes me have low self esteem for having a sponsor…selling out my own body just to get money, it doesn’t feel alright plus being judged by everyone.

It feels okay because a lot is catered for. Financially it’s okay.

Would you show him off to your friends?

Yeah! I don’t mind.
No, coz it’s not okay…plus he’s super old

Yeah! I don’t mind

Any Conditions given to you?

Conditions? No! Maybe just a few, you give them their attention they deserve.

Of course, he’ll never want to see me with other guys or posting pictures with other guys

Are your parents Financially stable?

Yes, my parents are financially stable but you know they cannot and they shouldn’t give me more than enough. Probably they give me money for food and shopping but if I ask for maybe an iPhone, they’ll not be able to provide but if I asked a sponsor for an iPhone, he’ll provide!

They are not financially stable, that’s why I started dating

If he decides to leave you one day, what will you do?

Of course, I am always prepared for that moment becuase if you are having such a relationship you are also aware that this other person has other commitments somewhere else. So if anything happens, you’ll just fall back and humble yourself.

I’ll get another sponsor.

It’s okay if he wants to go, let him go.

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