Simple KUCCPS Course Application Tips

KUCCPS Course Application

After getting your KCSE results you are likely to forget about your dreams and passion for the sake of factors such as the job market. Almost all applicants do this during KUCCPS application process. So here are some simple tips to guide your application process:

  1. It is Always about Real Passion

I had this energy that I had to study law. Despite everything this was a dream that I had to make true. So I selected law as my first option. However, I later realised that it was a false passion. If I was to go back I will always choose communication.

I used to love reading magazines, listening to radio, and admiring media personalities. This was evidence enough that I had passion for the media industry. However, since law is highly regarded, I chose it.

  1. Take all time you need in the world to think

We all do the KUCCPS application while listening to our peers in the different Whatsapp groups that we belong. In the end, whatever course our friends select and which is rumoured to be good, we apply for it without thinking.

It is good to inquire from university students, lecturers and even Google. Take your time to select the most suitable course for you.

  1. Every Course in Marketable

We will always hear how some engineering courses are not marketable. Those rumours are always there and there is nothing you can do about them.

However, let me assure you that you can move everything and anything with passion. It only requires passion and determination and you will succeed. Every course has a job so don’t be fooled.

  1. Look at the University Initials.

Maasai Mara University and Multimedia University for example shares the same initials (MMU). I’ve had lots of people complain how they chose the wrong university due to wrong initials. Just be careful when selecting the university in which you want to study.

  1. Choose a university where you feel there is competition

I’m not saying that there are good and bad universities. However, as always the human mind requires new ideas and new challenges to grow. Therefore, choose a course and a university that you feel will enhance your mental growth.

  1. Always have an open mind.

Opportunities come to those with an open and ready mind. You will require an open mind when making decisions about your life and choosing your passion.

Listen to advice but always remember that the final word comes from you. Do not let your peers, parents, former teachers or anyone else control your decisions because you are the one who will ultimately live through these decisions.

And to those who don’t qualify to join university, middle-level colleges are there in their numbers. Since you can safely apply for TVET HELB loans, there is no need of wondering where to get fees and all that.

Follow the same tips while applying for you diploma courses in KUCCPS portal and remember results does not determine your intelligent there are more like a gate pass to your dreams. Therefore, wherever you end up at, keep your dreams alive.

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