Simple tips to help you save money on your hair

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Campus Ladies Hair Tips

Just in case you were wondering how much Kenya’s hair industry is worth, it’s Ksh. 100 billion. Weaves, wigs, hair products, relaxers, hair tools you name it, 100 billion shillings.

It’s also estimated that the average woman spends about Ksh. 50,000 yearly on hair alone. I don’t know about you, but Ksh. 50,000 is enough deposit to reserve a piece of land somewhere.

Anyway, jokes aside, for a girl in campus I am certain you never paid any attention to how much you spent on your hair. Now Ksh. 50,000 seems a lot so I am guessing you spend about half of that yearly…or even more for those with means.

There’s nothing wrong in looking good but if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business and weren’t sure where to get the capital from, your hair could be the answer. Ksh. 25,000 is enough to get you to financial freedom.

Since we’re in the holiday season I might as well gift you with these tips to take to 2019.

Invest in a Good Wig

This should not necessarily be the expensive type, human air and what not. An Afro puff is a good wig that blends well with your own hair. You don’t need a lot, just put your hair in a ponytail install your wig and you’ll be done.

DIY When you can

You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive it is to create your own hair products. Most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen.

This takes me to my third point.

Stop being loyal to brands

This is especially for brands that do not really care about your budget and needs as a campus lady. If you can’t DIY, your next option is to buy more affordable products based on the ingredients list rather than marketing.

While some brands may be great, I bet you can find little known products that offers similar results. This will save you some coins as a student.

Campus Hair Tips LadiesEmbrace Cornrows and Flat Twists

These are very easy to do and are the perfect protective style. We’re practically wearing cornrows underneath our crochet styles, weaves and wigs, so what’s wrong with your cornrows getting a little fresh air.

Cornrows are the best protective style I can think of and if you’re afraid to let them out, remember, it’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.

Learn to do your own hair

This will save you some money on the many trips you take to the salon. For instance, crochet braids are easy to install and there’s like hundreds of styles to choose from.

Crochet hair is also designed to last so something like Havana twists or box braids can be washed and re installed.

Economize on the Packs

Do you really need 7-8 packs of hair on a style that you can comfortably use 4 packs? Braids are the go to style for all of us.

8 packs of Kanekalon is heavy and could cost you your edges. Find a hairdresser that can make 4 packs work because they can.

Break up with your Stylist

Nobody said she was the only one you could go to. If your hair dresser doesn’t listen to you, break up with her.

You walk in with natural hair she recommends relaxing it, leave. You ask for jumbo box braid but she adds her own twist to it, leave. She’s costing you money and obviously doesn’t respect you, leave.

Satin or Silk Head Wraps are your best friends

Usually worn on a bad hair day, a head wrap can come in handy when you want to save money. Head wraps come in plenty of prints and sizes so go ahead and watch YouTube tutorials for your next design inspiration.

Invest in Tools

Right now, you have the freedom to do your own hair at home. With hair tools getting cheaper every day and more friendly to use at home try to invest in tools you only need to buy once.

Invest in rollers, a blow dryer, a flat iron etc. Like this home dryer that you can use not only in drying or curling but also help in deep conditioning too. No more trips to the salon.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays.

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