SIX things every campus lady should have in their school bag

Campus Lady School Bag

Deciding what to have in your school bag can be a little confusing especially if your school bag is different from the handbag you go out with on a date. However, every morning when you leave your room, there are some six essentials that you must never forget to include in your school bag. I will not include pens, pencils and exercise books in this list because, well, we all carry them to class. Don’t we? Here are the top six that I always carry in my bag and I believe you should too.

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Panty liner holder, Sanitary towel pouch, Menstrual pad case

1. Pads and Panty Liners

These are essentials for any campus lady and you should never make a mistake of leaving your hostel without these two. Take a few tampons or pads or whatever menstrual products that you use and have them in a little bag or holder within your school bag. These are for emergency cases just in case you suddenly start having your periods and are unprepared. They could also be a life saver to your classmate who haven’t read this article yet 😉


What to carry in School bag2. Hand Sanitizer

Campus surfaces can be gross and you never know what could be around. I often exhibit some germaphobe tendencies and therefore find hand sanitizers a necessity for any campus lady. Once you visit the washrooms, you need to sanitize your hands. It doesn’t even have to be the fancy stuff, mine is Dettol hand sanitizer but it makes me feel better to use it and to know its there.


Related image3. Add a Novel to your School Bag

Feeding your mind as a campus lady should become a necessity. When in class before the lecturer arrives, read a book. Read a book over lunch. When waiting for your girls to get back to the hostel after that 5:00pm lecture, read a book. Find every opportunity to read a book as much as possible. Therefore, before you leave your hostel for class, ensure that your school bag has a novel, an autobiography, a self-help book or whatever genre that feeds your soul well.


What to carry in School bag4. Pencil Case

There’s nothing worse than forgetting your pencil case and having to awkwardly ask the person next to you for a pen. To prevent this carry a little tiny pencil case in a pocket of your bag with a pen, pencil and highlighter in so when you inevitably have one of those days and forget your supplies you have a back-up ready to go and there’s no need to beg you desk mates for pencils every class.


Image result for vaseline and lip balm5. Vaseline or Lip Balm

This one is very self-explanatory; you don’t want dry lips. Especially during the dry season when the sun is scorching and no amount of licking your lips can save the cracks. There are different varieties of lip balms on the market today you can choose from. Some are very mild for the ladies who can’t stand the scented ones. Alternatively, you can have a little tube of Vaseline in your school bag.


What to carry in School bag

6. Pain Killers

Sometimes a killer headache strikes from nowhere or if you have periods, you get horrible cramps and suddenly your day just got ten times harder. No-one needs that so make sure you carry a dose of painkillers for those moments in your school bag. If taking pills isn’t for you then you can get other things to help with pain, mini hand warmers can help alleviate period pain if tucked into a waistband and you can get headache treatments that don’t require you to take a pill such as 4head headache relief.

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