SLAY QUEENS and the Power between their Legs

I have scratched my head over a million times. Thought if I should or not write about it. Deep down I know it happens daily but had not gathered enough courage either.

This lady calling herself ‘slayqueen’. She is something I can hardly define maybe because of my age but I believe you have a figured out her picture. She the woman that is giving others sleepless nights. The woman whose standards are too high for a man who is trying to put his shit together or starting a life somewhere in a slum and can hardly afford himself. This woman has made men fear anything to do with women.

She is just another version of a prostitute but does not parade herself in the streets. Her’s is a well-calculated move. She moves around with married loaded men to maintain her lifestyle. Due to the high demand, she keeps several. In real life, we know there is no man in his early 20’s who can afford her.

This woman has never been employed. It is funny how things change. Gone are days when people used to earn after working. A woman can be 30 years old, never employed buy living her dream life and even driving the best cars. Spends her time watching movies, shopping and having fun.

The fight against toxic feminism has been hitting the headlines of late but its an already emulated lifestyle that can take a lifetime to uproot. It is hard to convince a woman used to such life that it is not the right way.

That is how magical it can be in case you doubted miracles exist ‘the power between the legs’ is one.

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