SONU Vice President Angel Mbuthia Sexually Harassed while going to Church

The Students Organization of Nairobi University Vice President Angel Mbuthia was on Sunday morning sexually harassed while walking to church along Biashara Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

According to a post on Miss Mbuthia’s Facebook page, the students’ leader at Kenya’s premier university was walking to church when “a guy from nowhere comes behind me and just grabs my ass.”

The shocking experience left the student leader dumbfounded at the audacity of the man who she claims she knew nothing about to come from nowhere and grab her.

“I have gotten so many mixed feelings, I didn’t know whether to scream, I didn’t know whether to chase him or hit him,” Miss Mbuthia posted.

This comes even as cases of harassment have increased in the recent past with people arguing that both men and women are equally subjected to harassment with people of the opposit gender.

According to Miss Mbuthia, the only thing she remembered about her assailant was that he was smelling bhang.

Comments on her post reveal that many people have undergone the same experience.

That happened to me once and I did not have time to think….I gave the nigga 2 hot slaps na kwanza ni wale wa kubeba mizigo kwa trolleys…then I hopped into the next vehicle hapo stage ya b.s wasinivamie nikashukia muthurwa, an Anerlia Ndirangu commented.

I have encountered that several times and awkward moments is when it happens when am with my bf. You just ignore him coz wengine ni aren’t and in most cases they arent in their right senses..they can make you ruin your day for no good reason,” another lady commented.

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