Speech by Outgoing SAMU President ahead of Meru University Students Elections

Ladies and gentlemen, as the clock ticks towards the next SAMU elections, where men and women, both with noble and despicable demeanor express their interests in taking over the students council, we must remain vigilant to evade the brutal judgement of history.

Today as i put forth my speech, it is my humble request that you ignore the messenger but embrace the message.

On 25th day of July, you will be in the same position as the biblical Samuel when he was sent to the house of JESSE to choose a king. To those who can clearly trace that history, you will affirm that he was first trembled by Eliab’s body stature but God assuredly told him that there was somebody in the field who was after His heart.

Today ask yourselves; are you going to fall victims of the tribal endorsements on that day like Samuel or will you heed to the supreme voice of God?

Will you sail in the tide of tribal blood, preaching uncompromising ethnic message or you will listen and bow to the voice of comrades?

History reminds us that we have been authorizing hyenas to care for our goats but later complain about the product of our own actions. Are we replicates of that history?

When aspirants, in their well fashioned suits-like-angelic come to you, consciously consult your conscience and ask yourselves: are they just people dressed in the emblems of the “administration moles “or they are real leaders prescribed by comrades “Ready to die for their people?”

Will you elect a khoikhoi based on his withstanding character content or on a solid foundation of competence, brevity and intrepidity ?

On my summit seat, I can see so many groups. Groups without lucrative agenda for my people. All I can see are groupings for a tribal competition, trying to weigh their might along tribal lines, lead by their kingpins in fallacy thoughts with the common outdated “tumejipanga” slogan being worshiped, purporting to give directions to ‘heaven.’

The definition of a wise man has today changed from the common meaning of “he who enjoys the monopoly of wisdom” to a tribal definition of “he who hails from a region with artificial numbers,” and wise men no longer have space in this University’s politics.

Today am cock sure if Paul was to write a letter to us, he would use his letter to the Galatians chapter 3; “You foolish comrades, who has bewitched you,? you know in the mind of God as it is documented in one of the Apostles that there is no Jewish nor Gentile. But for you, all you see are Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Luhyas, Kambas and the many tribes instead of comrades? who has bewitched you?”

Some will come to you, invoking the name of God, freezing the congregations with their very well mustered arts of biblical quoting, taking the advantage of your inability to instantly interpret it. They will make you believe the fallacy that all leaders come from God and just as some hypocritical pastors, they have been sent to deliver you from the yoke of oppression.

Some will come to you in pseudo purity, lecturing you how 001 wasted your time in the battle field ignorantly, backdated with the know-how that what they are enjoying today is a product of that. They will outwardly profess democracy with diverse definitions of a “dialogue,” cited from a tribal village dictionary.

My people, don’t be afraid to ask them their whereabouts when patriots tirelessly struggled for liberation, for what is just, from which we all enjoy its fruits today. Do not be consumed by evil spirits- the spirits of deception to choose unworthy people to lead you.

The claims that all leaders come from God is not only false and futile but also fake; and if you doubt me, confirm from Hosea 8:4 “you rise to yourself kings and Princess that I have not approved”

I cannot believe leaders like Saul were anointed and appointed by God. A successful leader is he who wins the interests of comrades; respected by the management; recognized by both the government and opposition. This will only effect if you go against tribal politics- the politics of isolation.

How did we manage to win comrades hearts? By ensuring we have 70%regional representation in my government. By ensuring NO tribe was left out.

Leadership with less than 70% representation is not comrades face. Check your coalitions if you have the face of Meru University.

My leadership could not have been the best for everybody; It is time for you to get the best.

Remember we are already in Canaan and we have a role to maintain ourselves unyieldingly in here. The only reward that you can give back to my government is to give back Meru University comrades leadership that will maintain our legacy.

How I wish comrades could get sanctified by the holy spirit to wisely elect leaders that will embody the real face of Meru University.

And that fateful day, you will be issued with a blank cheque in the showroom, will you purchase a Tuktuk and expect it to behave like a Mercedes-Benz on the ground? Think about it.

As I conclude, my people, be wary of leaders who love power for their own sake. Be chary of leaders who love prestige for their own interests. Be grievous of leaders who love material property for their own sake, be aware of leaders who love popularity for their own gain and ultimately be aware of leaders who love pomposity for their own sake.

If you want to give me a descent sendoff, go and vote for leaders with comrades interest at heart. #MAKE A WISE CHOICE. Thank you so much comrades.

May the Lord guide you, may the Lord bless you, may God bless Meru University.



Editor’s Note: The Speech has been published word for word

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