Student Voices: Chuka University Students’ Views on COVID-19

COVID-19 at Chuka

Covid-19 is one hell of a lifetime pandemic we will all live to tell its tales. I can’t wait for the day we’ll call it an end for this deadly virus that is terrorizing the entire world. It will be a global victory, an exhaustive, hope-draining but sweet victory.

This virus has halted various activities in people’s lives; campus students not an exception.

I got to talk to Immaculate, a fourth year campus student at Chuka University. Immaculate says this pandemic has affected her a great deal.

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She says: “Covid-19 has affected me as a student in a negative way.

“It has affected my research project. Since interaction is prohibited, I cannot collect data from the target audience. Furthermore, it has affected my semester since classes are no longer taking place and so are exams.”

Tension across the country

The tension the disease has created across the country and the world is also noticeable. Immaculate points out that “Covid-19 has created a lot of tension to me as a student. That means I cannot study during the quarantine period in peace .That’s because the future is no longer predictable.”

With all institutions of learning in Kenya closed indefinitely, the impact of CODI-19 is settling in. Many students might have to restart their semesters once all these is done with.

Immaculate says: “Covid-19 has affected the entire learning process. For instance, inaccessibility to learning materials like the library and consultation from the lectures due to closure of all institutions by the government.”

Immaculate is also an actress and the pandemic has cost her film deals and postponed shooting.

There are advantages too

However, for Nicholas Mwai, a student at Chuka University, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for him. He notes that the closure of learning institutions because of this pandemic helped him in a great way.

Mwai notes that he is now able to work from home to help him raise cash for his family’s and personal use. He continues to say that despite the fact that he has gotten time to work, he really wanted to finish school in time. Something that he might not be able to do now.

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This virus is no joke and as much as we are trying to manage it as a country, no one knows tomorrow. We see countries like Italy and we are disturbed. In Kenya, just a total lock down might be enough to kill us. People might die of hunger in their own homes. The more reason we should follow the government’s recommendations. We pray things get better and our normality to resume. We get back with our school calendar sooner.

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