Student voices: The impact of #Coronavirus on Egerton University Students

Egerton University Coronavirus

When the government announced the closure of institutions of learning across the country, we all knew that the #CoronaVirus threat was now more eminent than ever. Many students left campus for the safety of their homes. All in the hope that the global pandemic will end soon so that normalcy returns.

However, just how prepared are you as a student? How do you think your institution is prepared for this virus that is ravaging the world? What impact has it had on students across the country?

To find out what life is like during the #COVID19KE and how universities assisted their students navigate the outbreak, we spoke to three students who have been affected by the situation.

Closure of Egerton University

We start with Purity, a student doing a BSc Agribusiness Management at Egerton University in Njoro, Nakuru County. She was on campus when the coronavirus outbreak began.

When the university produced a memo on 17th March 2020 requiring students to vacate by Friday 20th March 2020, she knew that the worst had come.

She said: “After listening to the president’s speech, I knew it was only a matter of time before we were sent home. This is because most students and staff at the university were not well equipped with info to deal with the situation.

“I don’t think universities are really playing their roles in this situation. Can you imagine there is no Kenyan university that is actively involved in the fight against the virus?”

Being Indoors is a Struggle

Purity has spent the last one week at home and she feels that this has already disrupted her academic calendar. But she is hopeful that at least she is at home and not risking her life on campus. She, however, notes that but being indoors was a struggle because she stays in Nairobi.

She said: “I had group projects, assignments and classwork that I needed to submit but it is impossible because coronavirus has exposed just how analogue Egerton University is. Had the university gone digital, we would be continuing with our studies online with little worry.

“For someone like me, who is used to spending most days on campus between classes and the library, being at home is a real motivation-killer.”

Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Purity thinks the outbreak has impacted the campus lady the most because while at home, they are exposed to more challenges as opposed to being on campus. She advises that campus ladies should stay indoors to avoid contracting and spreading the virus and also to avoid the temptations that come with idleness.

She said: “Female students are now exposed to more dangers than they were on campus. Campus was a safe haven for most of us but now being home without any hope in sight for resumption of studies is really stressing!”

“We have more challenges than ever that we have to deal with. However, I would just urge my fellow sisters to stay indoors. This is the time to read those novels that you have been pilling up, binge watch movies and series, plan your future, and do everything to keep you safe and busy at home”