Tasting and Testing Campus Relationships

Virginity on Campus

Have you ever asked yourself the number of ladies who lose their virginity during their first year of college? Well, there is no study in Kenya regarding the number of ladies who lose their virginity in college. However, a study in the USA found that 3 out of 4 college girls lose their virginity during their first year of college.

It would be no news to hear that 3 out of 4 girls in Kenya lose their virginity during their first year of college. In fact, we are not going to judge ourselves for doing so.

We leave high school so innocent yet aggressive and curious to know what the outside world beholds. So the moment we leave, we are ready to test almost everything. We experience our first kiss, we try dating, we find ourselves in various relationships. Some of them so perfect but we are stupid and we yearn for more; we leave diamonds for stones.

That explains why very few people last in relationships during the first year of college. We always want to test and taste so much in love that a single relationship might not determine. You might date a nerd, fully focused and great future. But he might be much of a weirdo with no sense of fashion and style; and you don’t like that. You end up dropping him.

Then you get that muscled up guy with a six pack, too cute to be true, but he is eyed by many and you feel insecure. You drop him. You find one with money, treats you right, takes you on expensive dates, organizes your birthdays, but you just like him, for the money, you don’t actually love him. Eventually, you drop him. We test the imperfection in all of them, and then we get tired and decide to be mature and look for someone to settle with.

Buuut there are a few Holy Janes that leave campus, clean and green as they came, untouched, waiting to get a stable guy, get into marriage and wait until honeymoon. Yes, they exist. They overcome the pressure of viewing sex as a basic in campus, and we’re not judging them either.

According to scientists, sex is good and healthy and we can all attest to that; but protected sex even sweeter and better. Also being a virgin in your final year isn’t a sin, just be you. Your principles, your life, no pressure.


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