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Since time immemorial, the media has carried stories and articles about female university students. Campus ladies have been portrayed by mainstream media in more ways than one. In the Power Edition of The Campus Lady Magazine, we seek to speak truth to the power that is the mainstream media.

In this Edition, we ask “How accurately are campus ladies portrayed in the media?”

Campus ladies are often portrayed as spoiled brats with no sense of direction in life. They are often portrayed as gold diggers out to take advantage of men for their money. But how true is this?

This Edition of The Campus Lady Magazine therefore seeks to tell the stories from the proverbial horse’s mouth. It is a broad topic and you are allowed to approach it from whatever angle you feel will tell the true story of the campus lady.

We would therefore like to invite article ideas from campus ladies across Kenyan Universities. Do you believe that your opinion counts? Do you have an idea of who the real campus lady is? This is definitely your opportunity to set the records straight and let the world know the truth.

Article Ideas for the Power Edition include:

  • How does the way campus ladies are portrayed in the media affect high school girls looking to join university?
  • Is there anything good about the campus lady that can inspire anyone?
  • What happens to ladies when they join campus?
  • What is it like to be a campus lady in Kenya today?
  • Do campus ladies have enough role models in the society to guide them?

These idea suggestions are just to give you a clue as to what we are seeking for from your story. However, they should not confine you. Explore and search yourself for that story that will speak truth to the situation.

Would you like your article or story to be featured in the Magazine?

Email your pitch idea to the Editor at by Saturday 7th March 2020. The pitch idea should have a clear heading and a brief description of 50-100 words detailing what the article will be about.

Selected ideas will be further developed for publication on the Power Edition of The Campus Lady Magazine.

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