The 21st Century Lady: What is Expected

4:18 pm. I had already arrived at the agreed venue. But, where was he? I heard that they can turn down dates; but never thought it could happen to me. He had always shown up whenever we met. I know you’re probably wondering who I was waiting for. Mike. We knew each other via WhatsApp, met twice for ice cream. This time round it was different. I was to go to his place. If you’d have asked me why I agreed to meet him I’d say it’s because he was a cool guy. It’s not like i was in love though 😅.

Girls would talk about how they’d go for sleepovers at their sponsors’ place. Stay up all night club hopping. Go to clubs with no money but come out with a few thousands. I guess meeting Mike wasn’t bad after all. It’s not like I’ll spend the night at his place or extort money from him. Besides I wasn’t going to drink alcohol or smoke. Anyway, let’s do this!
I was brought back to my senses when my phone started ringing. It was him! After that I went to where he was. Wait! Isn’t the guy supposed to be the first to arrive? Although, at that time it didn’t matter who was the first. Mike hugged me and since I didn’t like tuktuks we decided to walk. Thika isn’t that big after all.

Home at last!

I don’t know how long we walked but he finally told me that we had arrived. All i wanted to do was to eat😆. I was hungry. He said he can cook. So I guessed there should be food around. His house wasn’t big. One bedroom, neat and not stuffy. Yes; we were at his place. I hate visiting people but we know when a friend insists you finally agree. So later he brings the food. Movie time!! Don’t ask when I’ll go home; I stay alone. A little freedom isn’t bad you know.

As the movie progressed this guy gets naughty. I decided to go with the flow. In the middle of all this, the guy suddenly says he loves me and he’d want us to date. Hold up! Why should I trust a guy who’s saying things based on his sexal desire. I stood up, come on, I wasn’t naked, put on my shoes and left. I didn’t want to see this guy again or even see his message.

You’re probably wondering why.

We are ladies. A lady is powerful. You’ve probably heard “a man is the head of the family but a woman is the neck” without the neck the head won’t turn. And that’s why we are powerful. If a man wants you let him work for it. Take a look at this: Jay Z would have dated any other lady but he chose Beyonce.

I believe that a lady should never settle for less. If you’re engaged to a guy tell him that you want to make your hair. Tell him you want your kids to study at Harvard University. This guy will make an effort to work harder. But there is this caliber of women who demand nothing then when they break up and the new lady starts demanding she’s heard saying “atanirudia tu, Mimi sikuwa mexpensive kama huyo”

Let men rise up to the challenge. How do you ask for a relationship in bed👀. Let’s just be realistic. The audacity!!!! Yet we’ve just met twice. Hold your horses. Don’t prove to a lady that you’re the potential guy in bed yet you don’t know about her dreams.

Anyway, we both have roles to play but ladies have a bigger role to play. Stay woke.

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