The angels among us


When you are born, you wouldn’t know if they live beside you. It could be anyone, but you can’t know why they are just constantly in your life. And you never ask yourself why, do you?

They could be anyone. Maybe your parents. They give you guidance , lead you through education and guide you with all the stages in life. They give you all the encouragement you need to finish school and start a new life.

But you still meet people, some who are meant to give you lessons. Remember that not everyone will stay forever. That is a fact that we ought to understand. Some will want to stay with you for their own benefit and leave you after they are satisfied.

Drain our energy

They will drain all your energy after making you believe that they will forever be there for you. Don’t be shocked because they won’t feel any pain for making you feel bad about yourself. They won’t regret trashing you. In fact, they will go without looking back and thinking twice.

Then there are the people who will hold you even when you are not sure of yourself anymore. They will never give up on you regardless of what you throw at them. They’ll patiently wait for you to come back to your senses and will not judge you. They help you to be better, and you eventually get out of that cave that made you dark, and insensitive. You begin to see life in a new light, you thank your Maker for their existence.

Hold such people tight and don’t let them go. Don’t let their tears report you back in heaven. Don’t let them stress overnight because of you. Words said in silence hurt and the prayers and whispers said at night God hears and are enough to bring curses your way. They live among us, they stay with us and without knowing, their time on earth ends. You still don’t have any idea who I am talking about, do you?