The dangers of skin bleaching

Skin Bleaching
The 21st century has seemingly brought along several impacts on the environment,and even people.This is the time that black is no longer considered as a skin colour but as a weakness. It is as if the colonial era has resurrected again because the stigmatization of black people is back stronger and more intense.
This has not only led to poverty/low living standards for those working in white countries, but it has also lowered the self esteem of those with the skin color.Immorality has been one of the most common result of this low self-esteem.
In the current world, almost 60% of women who were originally black have changed their skin color by the use of injections, pills, ointments etc.This is however medically dangerous since UV Ray’s are evidently linked to malignant melanoma,the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Dangers of Overexposure to UV Rays

Over exposure to any UVR can cause loss of skin elasticity, premature aging, and cancer; damage to the skin is irreversible.Most campus girls who are dark skinned tend to indulge in immoral acts like commercial sex in an attempt to change their colour.This has further resulted in the spread of HIV/AIDs and STDs.
It is so unfortunate that most parents who bury their daughters yearly lose them as a result of peer influence.It is that influence that make the girls try to be like their friends and when they lack the funds to do so,they end up doing all it takes, mostly actions that threaten their health and life as a whole.It is a common thing nowadays to see black girls turn white.
It is also common to see those with figure “9” turn into figure “8′ in an attempt to look attractive because according to them,(as influenced by their small-minded friends),beauty is all about boosting of butts,hips,boobs and changing of the skin color.
Nowadays, girls who do this have been “baptized” and named ‘slay queens’ who are believed to look for older men so as to live the lives their friends expect them to live.It’s high time all my fellow sisters learnt that if you live to impress the crowd and world as a whole, you’ll never be real or happy.Instead, you’ll be like a puppet that is moved by other people the way they want. Happiness is the most important thing in life, and it’s only each and everyone of us that can make ourselves happy by living the life we’re sure will lead as to a brighter future.

Popular Black Skin Ladies

If all of us research on all the popular black-turned-white girls, we’ll find out that most turn into socialites who end up not getting married because no man will obviously be proud to marry a fake woman.Anyway, to cut the long story short, black is beautiful and powerful.
Check out the black ladies like our very own Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah Winfrey,The Empire queen Taraji P. Henson alias Cookie Lyon,what will you find out?All are black women who achieved their dreams without altering with their skin color.
To all my fellow black girls, you are beautiful just the way you are.All you need to do now is to work hard and achieve your dreams.Have that brilliant future you have always dreamt of.Let us join hands and prove the world that black is not a weakness and there’s beauty beyond skin colour.
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