The Demands that Men of this Generation have for the Girlfriends

Last week I saw a post on a friend’s facebook wall stating ‘I just want a woman who can cook nice chapatis, can change a bulb, can drive a manual gear stick car, slaughter a chicken and a good mother to my kids. Is that too much to ask?’

I was so tempted to respond but held my horses tight, breathed deep, took a screenshot and scrolled on.
Here’s my take on those men who want women who can cook good chapatis, fix bulbs, drive manual cars, slaughter chicken and be good mothers.

Greetings brother, your sister is here again! This time smoking fire! Reason? She just came from the kitchen only to see what she’ll term as a silly demand in today’s generation. I have cooked those fine shafashis for the last three years but end up eating alone for days. Chapati is outdated demand for a good woman. Real women cook ‘mukimo’ and ‘mboga kienyeji’ nowadays. We no longer shop wheat flour in our house.

You mean changing a bulb is a big deal? See I have always changed my bulbs without bothering people my whole life. Just pulling a stool and fixing it, is that news to you? Leave the bulb bullshit, see I fix the aerial and TV too.

Do you want a woman who can drive a manual car? See your life now. A woman can drive anything. Even a tractor leave alone manual cars. As long as it moves, a woman can drive! Have you been in Nairobi? Seen how many women are driving? Compared the number of women with cars to that of men? If yes, how many manual cars are there? I bet a number driven by women.

Do you want one who can slaughter chicken? How many do you have to start with? We started chasing chicken when we were tiny girls. We can name every tiny part in a chicken’s body, differentiate in between a male and a female chicken which you can hardly do.

About mothering your kids, some of us are first born in our families. Having raised seven children who were behind us you can be sure motherhood is in our blood and this is a walk in the park.

Now that we can do all these tell us what you’re bringing on the table. If you can’t fix the bulb and slaughter chicken does it mean you’re the woman while I am the man in the house?

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