The experience of a female campus soccer player

Zetech University Female Soccer Team

Getting to campus was a dream come true for me. In high school I would just imagine how fun it would be booking a hostel, choosing school clubs to join, making new friends and all that. I could just imagine the freedom I would have with no one minding my business but me. I had it all figured out until I didn’t. The fashion standards were so high I could hardly keep up and friendship in campus to be honest is farfetched. So I ended up in the ladies soccer club. Campus can be so unpredictable.

For the time I played soccer in campus, every day was a new experience. My team and I were always constantly trying to prove our worth because naturally a male football club is what is recognized. I wish as women we wouldn’t have to always prove ourselves. Everyone had an opinion on how a female footballer should look and to be honest many people didn’t think I looked like one.

According to most people I was too short to be a defender, too soft to go to the gym with the male team, too slay queen like to be a footballer, it was this or that. I can’t remember the one time where a statement would ever be a sincere compliment and nothing else. But of course, I didn’t join the club for compliments. However, when mean things are always being said to you they can make you or break you. Through my experience I learned a lot.

I found a Family in the Soccer Team

The soccer team was my home, my teammates were my friends and sisters, my coach was like a father to me and despite the constant struggles, we strove and moved forward one step at a time. I promise, you’ll never find sisterhood like the one you find when you have one goal in mind, victory.

As we grew in number and strength we also grew in skills and in passion for the game. In high school I wasn’t much of a soccer person but I was a lover of table tennis and basketball all the way. In campus all these changed. I found family where I had never dreamt of. My teammates helped me fight constant harassment from bullies who had nothing better to do.

I found brothers in our male school team that always cheered me on to greater achievement. I found a talent that was hidden deep inside of me that I had never thought of. Campus was a great experience and not just the stereotypical life I had heard of before.

It was not only about parties and fashion and dating. It was also about self growth and realization of what I wanted to achieve in life and so next time you see Zetech University on your screens, remember I had a good time being a female soccer player there. Live your campus life wisely and you’ll love your stay. Always choose soccer.

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