Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The life of a student mother

Student Mother

Campus life can be smooth-sailing but it can also become rough especially when your sexual activity leads to a pregnancy and you choose to be a student mother.

As a student mother, you are automatically forced to bear two responsibilities: that of being a student; and that of being a mother to someone.

You will be in luck if the baby-daddy is man enough to own up to his responsibility and help you through the journey.

However, woe unto you if the baby-daddy decides to disown the pregnancy and you are left alone to care for the child.

The two most common challenges that the student mothers face on campus include attending lectures while heavy and lack of finances.

Student mothers often face a lot of ridicule from their colleagues on campus for having “not been careful enough.”

Attending lectures while heavy with pregnancy is not only tiring but also emotionally draining especially if you do not have a strong support system around you.

All the campus boys who wanted to bed you but you refused will use this opportunity to ridicule you.

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of cravings and other issues that require financial support.

For instance, those clinic visits, buying baby stuff, the delivery process and even taking care of yourself and the baby after delivery all require money.

Without any solid source of finances, it can be very challenging for a student mother to survive.

Financial challenges can lead to a lot of undesirable outcomes for both the mother and the baby.

However, there are some universities that have come up with student mothers welfare associations.

These associations are aimed at helping the student mothers juggle their motherhood journey with their education.

The mothers get to share and experience motherhood collectively just easing the pressure on each other.

If you are a student mother, reach out to the Dean of Students’ office or the Students’ Welfare Office.

Ask for student mothers welfare association if it is there and operational.

Get help!


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