The Life of an Obstetric Fistula Victim…

We spend years of pain, years of loss, years of sorrow that takes a lifetime to heal. Many times we carry the pain to our death beds. We lose friends, marriage, lovers, and family.
In the beginning, it’s all happiness sealed with big dreams. The big award being raising a family! Everything bliss until it happens.
Today I choose to fit the shoes of that fellow woman going through the hardest times in her life. That woman whose happiness was robbed away one bad night. That woman whose life changed while bringing forth another.
It happens, almost daily!
You see life’s an ass sometimes. It brings all the bad things in a woman’s life. The same woman who was created to be giving life to new beings and through that jets is always at risk too. She can survive or die,¬†Things no one cares about. Things we carry on our backs in every move we make. Things that leave scars and wounds that never heal.
Despite the usual self-reassurance that things will be okay society and family is something else. You sleep and wake up urinating on yourself. You wake up to a wet bed. Can’t explain why it can’t sink into you either. How? What the hell? It’s fistula! The doctor announces like its just a normal thing. In her line of duty it’s normal but to you, it’s something you’ll have to google to understand it’s meaning.
Finally, it shifts to Mr problems. You agree it’s termed a disgrace and no man can stand a woman wait! A wife urinating on herself. When a man’s problems knock mmh! He comes with the whole clan. You stop being his wife and become her mother’s and sister’s. The last people a married woman should collide with is the in-laws. They act as if you’re the entire family’s wife. They blame you even for the very normal things in life. Everything bad becomes your fault. And just like that, you’re left for the dogs to deal with your problems. A man can remarry again she has no time to take care you.
It’s the life of an obstetric fistula victim.

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