The Making of the Campus Lady

Campus Lady

The campus lady. Young, smart and at the prime of her life. The pride and joy of the household not forgetting the village. Truly the fight for the girl child was not in vain. Unlike her age mates back in the village she has no dependents yet.

However, campus life can be as overwhelming. Although HELB has catered for her tuition, the living expenses can be too much at times. From food to shelter and the monthly hair do. We can’t have her looking like a rag now, can we? Yes, her parents do try to supplement the loan but eventually she ends up having too much month at the end of the money.

Although she doesn’t know it yet, she has already started learning vital skills that no classroom could ever teach her. She has to learn what she can do without. She has to use her pocket money sparingly, allocating the amount only to her direst needs (budgeting) and spread the amount over a long period. As long as possible.

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Despite having very little she wants to look her best. Although she can’t afford high end clothes she puts some money away (saves). With this amount, she intends to raid the free market in search of cute outfits. This she has done for the past four semesters. With only ksh.500 she has an entire week’s ware. Thank God for thrift clothes or as they are popularly known mitumba. With clothes catered for she realizes she can’t go on skipping meals every day. She has to find a source of income to supplement the amount she is given.

Now campus life as you know it can be a dangerous place. Especially for a beautiful innocent hungry young lady. From her fellow brothers in campus who wave expensive trinkets in her eyes. To men old enough to be her grandfather who come and promise all that money can buy. Not forgetting her girlfriends who try to coarse her into clubbing with them with the promise that she’ll not spend a dime. And even better she might come back with some money.

Will she fall? Keep in mind that she barely has enough, she might even get enough to send back home. As tempting as these options are, she cannot do it. Yes, she exists. A lady bold enough to say no to the so cold campus life. As out of this world as it sounds. There are campus ladies who do not align themselves with this custom of the campus life.

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A bold move she has made but her situation has not changed. She is still skipping meals to keep the ration until the end of the month. To add salt to injury she no longer sees her so called girlfriends as much as she used to. Will her predicament change?

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During her time in solitude, she comes across Centonomy. A personal finance company in Kenya. Intrigued by the message, by Centonomy, about financial freedom she gets a new kind of hunger. She hungers for financial independence. To quench this hunger she reads about money and investing. Will her new hunger be quenched?