The Many Faces of Empowered Ladies Every Campus Lady should Konw

Many faces of girl empowerment


One of the best things in life is the fact that we all are different. This is this what adds zest to life. A major focus behind the theme ‘many faces.’ With this, I center it on the power of being versatile, which, could be evaluated in different dimensions. This idea has sunk within the dominance of women, their power to find fulfillment in life and multi-task towards the quenching of thirst.

So many times, in our imaginations, we tend to drift. Believing that certain things are fairy tale driven, that it just can’t happen in reality. I mean the feeling of being overwhelmed that, one can actually do better and be the best in your many castles that you build in the air. This dream or imagination starts to be a source procrastination due to fear to fail, the fear to be alone when starting, the disheartening reality of many discouraging statements uttered especially to people who wager that you cannot make it.

At a tender age, this could be nurtured. How to try, when to try, why to try: that’s what defines success as it is in the many trials that one fails, but still, dusts himself or herself up to compete favorably and be the best. It is with that that your character would be derived from.

You can have it all. In every aspect that was ever in your imagination if you believe. The glossy hair, the ‘ perfect body size,’ the successful magazine editor, the prominent lawyer, reliable blogger, the part-time chef. All, in a nutshell, this could be achieved, and not only once but you could have the many faces, the spice that perfects the meal, the cherry on top of the ice-cream, and be the spring of ideas to your dream.

The phase of fulfillment follows, that you actually count, that your decisions matter, that your innovation stands and your expertise are valid, account. Many call it a side hustle or my second job, I call it many faces, as I do not underestimate the ability of humanity in terms of their capabilities.

Many faces of girl empowermentToday, one could see students having a decent part-time job, to raise some extra cash for pocket money. Modern women today apart from the white collar jobs, own their own business, which they run and create employment for others, seeing stay at home mums running a shop or having a blog, this versatility could be assessed in various complexities.

Magnifying this achievers and achievements is part of The Campus Lady Magazine, to be empowered as we relate in today’s hustle to make it, be successful, innovative, to explore and move that extra mile to be an epitome of a successful person.

The view on top is beautiful, with good sown seeds, your prominence in your field would be on everyone’s lips. If you registered many numbers of ‘A’ students, you’ll be the best principal, the best teacher of English, yea, you could actually have it all!

I see greatness in the people who inspire me and I group myself in their success story though sometimes a rollercoaster, such as my mum, my sister who embrace the daily routine of having many faces among Betty Kyalo, Terry Anne Chebet, and much more.

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