The Only Son…

Tall. Taller than most other guys. None of his friends was any close to reaching the height he had achieved. Genes, he bragged to them. He was born into a family that was blessed with the ‘be tall’ factor.

This height coupled with the fact that he was good looking and had a great complexion to go with it, brought girls flooding at his feet. Really, most girls never went above his stomach standing next to him.

He didn’t know how to behave with most of them. He assumed because he had two elements of TDH minus the D (please don’t read more into my words), they naturally wanted him for more.

A sort of FWB (Friends With Benefits) arrangement or fuck buddies as he put it. With this in mind, he devised means to score points with each and every one of them.

As part of the scheme, Wednesdays he would post endless pictures of the ladies in his life with the caption WCW followed by other nonsense. Never mind we are in 2018. We long forgot about such day-labels.

He kept an official girlfriend, a main chick to whom he swore to he never engaged in shenanigans in bed before her coming along. His messages read otherwise, he told Rozie and Becky he wanted to bed them. Separately of course.

With a compliment from someone who nearly touched the sky of looking pretty, wouldn’t a girl blush? Make him wear rubber later to deposit the seeds that would otherwise make her a mother to a taller child or two?

It is this cycle that he kept as he walked around campus with fake Gucci this and that, purporting to have money that he claimed streamed in from his father’s company. What it dealt with, he never revealed.

Oh, the parties! He was the life. Being the ladies man, his buddies relied on him to ring them. That could explain why three quarter of his contact list was all female. Talk of a guy who can be relied on to deliver.

The worst that could be said for these parties was that he was among the first to pass out as surprisingly, with all the experience one garners over the years, he still flopped in the art. He would wake up the next day nearly noon.

Bash iliweza… I mean, every male had 4 breasts to play with, a pair to the left and another on the right. With both arms fully stretched. The right hand caressing juicy thighs, the left squeezing ass.

All thanks to the tall guy who ensured even distribution of resources.

His academics were nothing to write home about. If you happen to mention something about tests or examinations around him. He would scoff and say, “Sipendi watu wanajiona na masomo.”

Campus to him is not about books and earning first class honours. He is in a prominent university to live life. Seduce the female folk and roll his own blunt. Take selfies with girls and post on his social media handles.

Bro huyo dame ameiva, naweza pata number? There is no greater success. His peers ‘respect’ him and that rises him up imaginary ‘ranks’. He must be the sergeant currently.

I hope back home there is indeed a company. Being the only son, it will be passed on to him. Besides, his father loves him way too much. Can you imagine, the only son between two daughters! A close call, wasn’t it?

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