The power to change your life for better is all in your mind

All in your mind

The eyes see what the mind knows. Whether possibilities or obstacles it is all in the mind. Life or no life, pain or sorrow it is all in the head and we all know these are our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our decisions and the nature of the emotions that we put out.

Our thoughts determine our level of productivity and how well we react or respond to situations. It is these same thoughts that control how we interpret other people’s perception of us. The thoughts in our head determine how we view life. Our eyes will see only what our mind knows.

The life of the party

As she looked out of the window, tears of despondency rolled down her cheeks. The sleepless nights, anxiety and restlessness were too much to handle. Life had never been so lonely. To her friends she had it all. A well-paying job, a wealthy father, a husband who adored her and well, a beautiful smile.

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Jane was the life of the party and her charismatic nature made her an exceptional host. She had so much to give and there was always somebody or people willing to take all she had to give. On this particular day, she was exhausted.

Behind the smile and the charm Jane’s life was a façade. She hated her well-paying job and her wealthy father was bankrupt. The constant abuse from her narcissistic and philandering husband had taken away her glow. His expensive gifts were a constant reminder of the endless physical, verbal and emotional abuse. Her smile was a masquerade. She was always covered in make-up and underneath all the glam were suicidal thoughts and loneliness. She gave what she did not have and all that was left was a void.

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Her friends would make fun of her expensive taste in alcohol but none of them knew that this was the only thing that kept her alive. She was sad and lonely. The most consistent feeling was guilt. She was guilty of being alive and on this day she was very certain that it time for all the trouble to end. In her mind, thoughts on ways to die were resonant and all she had to do was to decide on the easiest and the least painful way out. It is at this moment that she realized she needed help.

Depression is never that obvious

When one is depressed, there is very little that others can see. It is never that obvious. It takes a high level of understanding for society to correctly pick out the symptoms and hold on to those who suffer depression. The stigma associated with mental illness contributes significantly to the number of those who suffer in silence and more importantly death from suicide.

It does not have to end that soon. Simple lifestyle changes and anti-depressant medication can come a long way in improving one’s quality of living. It starts with knowing that It is all in your head.

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