THE STORY OF COURAGE: She Never Gave up and Finally Sat for her Exams

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If this is not strength then I can’t tell what it is

Janet Muthoni Wachira is my ideal version of a strong woman determined to get what she believes in despite the challenges encountered.

Born in Meru 21 years ago and dropped out of school in form two. Her mother couldn’t maintain her needs nor pay school fees anymore. The only option was closing books in what seemed like the end of her education but that wasn’t the case.

Janet parked her belongings and left home for Nairobi. She was ready to do anything to support herself and her family back at home.

Three years later she met an NGO that promised to assist her sit for the exams and immediately registered as a private candidate. When luck knocks your door nothing can stop God from blessing you. Her dreams to finish school were revived.


Janet got pregnant late last year and the man behind refused to take responsibilities. It’s not a shock! Men of today are the most irresponsible. The last thing a woman should do is give birth expecting his help in return! Give birth because you want a baby not because he said you should! That was not in her plans but here it was anyway. Despite the pregnancy being stressful she was willing to keep it and sit for her exams still.

You can imagine how hectic it is studying while pregnant and more so when it’s your fourth-year national exam. Janet is that girl I have always talked about! Nothing could limit her, not even the baby!

She delivered a baby boy two months before exams and this was enough time to heal and be able to sit for her papers. The power of determination can take you places.

Janet Muthoni Wachira waits for her exams to commence as her child lays on a mattress beside her in the examinations room.

When the time came she carried her baby and went for the rehearsals ready for the exams the following morning. She was all excited after the long wait!

Finally, it was time to start off. This is when hell broke doors and the devil showed up all colored. She couldn’t sit for the exams. Reason; she had a baby! What the hell? She couldn’t believe, it seemed like a bad dream but that was the truth.


She later went to the NGO and narrated the events as they had happened. The story was posted on social media platforms. I keep saying there’s power in people. It’s through social media that the story went viral and reached Kenya National Exam Council CEO. This caught her attention and felt very concerned. She called Janet that very night to report to the exam center the following morning.

The manager in charge was sent parking. Janet was given a room with her baby and added more time to finish up her work. It was said that Janet would be given the papers she had missed after the manager chased her away.

Janet’s lunch will be catered for during her stay there and the manager in charge is supporting her pretty well.

You think this is not strength? Then you have no true definition of a strong young mother.

We wish Janet best of luck in her exams.

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