The Strength of being a Woman

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A woman’s life is an Episode. You ask why? Pull a chair.
It’s the hardest yet the most fulfilling thing being a one I know you all wonder how we survive. It’s by God’s grace!
A woman risks her own life to give another creature a chance to live. Is it awesome right? Yes, we are that kind.
It’s not something we do ones or twice. I believe some of us have several brothers and sisters meaning someone risked her life several for another generation to live. Have you ever imagined what it takes after the nine months? I know the answer is no. It takes a lot of patience and endurance before that little thing comes out. I call it a slaughterhouse. The day I entered in the equipment, at first sight, made me fear the whole thing but anyway I had no choice. It was time! That room! I know you’re painting a picture of how it looks like (it’s a story for another day when we’re just relaxed with popcorns you’re welcome)
Today I want to focus on this special gem we call mother, sister or wife. She goes through a whole lot of things to put a smile on your face. One time I am expected to be a girl when my girlfriends are around and it’s a role I play perfectly the next minute my daughter is pulling my hair and baggy t-shirts it’s time to mother her. As if it’s not enough mummy expects a daughter when am home, not one who’s a mother though she enjoys having her grandchild but the girl she knows I am and back in the housewife duties awaits me like where were you? Other times I am a cook and when at work my boss expects a sober person who’s able to handle her responsibilities. It’s tough I tell you but in another life, I still want to be a woman.
There’s exceptional joy in being a woman, I enjoy every bit no matter how challenging it’s worth the hustle.
You’re this person who can do it all and perfect everything. I can talk women the whole day I just love the fact that ‘we can be all we want in one plate as long as beans, rice, salad is cooked separately’. Women are special in ways we can’t understand.
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