The things you need to do during Lecturers’ Strike

The lecturers strike is still on. That is not an unfortunate situation. What is unfortunate is the rest of the crop of young Kenyans in the so-called private institutions. They are what Tony Mochama calls wannabes.

Can you imagine these sophisticated individuals have no idea the lecturers are on strike? Two whole months and days on top. A prospective employer will receive their request for internship yet they are hardly in line with what we term “Current Affairs”.

Again, that is hardly the phrase for not being in the know with what is happening in the country. For example, the levels in Ndakaini dam have increased significantly after the social media justice started questioning where the rains were directed.

As you can tell, that has not been the case for this ongoing lecturers put down of tools.

Idleness is a terrible disease. I’ve talked to chaps who have now become movie reviewers. They have watched everything that is to be watched. They are very much into the know of when a new movie or series will be released.

Being a person who occasionally seeks the divine relaxation that comes with movies, I am not surprised. You are told that you should use your time well to avoid any regrets in the near future.

Burning movies can be your side hustle if you are not flocking movie shops to watch free episodes. It is the other common skill acquired by university students apart from hugging. You can’t hug clumsily around here.

Back to idleness. To overcome this pandemic that has stricken those of us attending public universities, some of us are getting into “relationships”! Well yes, how else can you keep both the mind and body occupied?

Perks: This cold weather with constant rains calls for two bodies to be intertwined in a passion that keeps flues at bay. You get someone to wish you goodnight and when the sun rises, you are equated to the rays.

Free food! The first few dates are characterized by a series of free edibles at restaurants in town. From pizza offers to kurarua kuku, etcetera. On days that the sun peeps, you get two scoops of ice-cream.

That somebody will sing I love you choruses 24 hours a day, 24/7. It feels great to be loved and to be reminded every waking second. Sometimes, you will get shivers from that declaration of pure feelings.

Drawbacks: You will fall for the ‘love in the air’ with your legs in that same position. As a very qualified middle striker in the field(if you know what I mean), he will score goals and leave you with the ball in the net.

The We are Forever captions will disappear and before you know it, the two of you hate each other to the bone. Heartbreaks and even suicides. You are better than a fling during the long-lasting lecturers’ strike.

The result is a December baby, who by the time we are celebrating the next public holiday on 1st May, will be 4 months old. Say No to being struck this Strike Season. Do not be that guy finding solace in relationships.

Instead, go online and find opportunities to strike: internships, volunteerism and short courses. Be a striker!

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