The Ugly Truth About the Philandering Lifestyle of Campus Ladies

Campus Sex

Don’t change because your friends, boyfriends, or society told you so; change because it’s what you want to benefit yourself. When you joined campus, you vowed not to engage yourself in any immoral behavior, what happened?

So there was this party your course mates were persuading you to go, you went just to impress them. What you didn’t know was that it was a plan to destroy your future. Sexy dresses, heels, wigs, nails, etc.

Does mum know you are going for shots she never had even at 20 years? Does she know that old and young men are there? Does she know you are selling yourself without your knowledge?

Now you are tipsy, head spinning, strangers touching you everywhere, you got to go home its past midnight then he gives you a lift to your hostel, you slept in the car, then goes with you to their apartment, they all screw you nonstop for several hours and give you a pill that is meant to make you sterile for the rest of your life.

You are considered useless at this point, almost all the men on campus know you got laid on by them. Your body is left by the road, a good woman takes you to a hospital and tries to contact your parents, they come and the doctor says you were gang-raped, sterile and HIV positive.

Are you proud of going to the party? Do still have the courage to go to school? How will you tell and win your parents trust again?

In life, you meet many people and go places if you know where you are going not whom you are going with. Be bold and courageous and learn to say no to such immoral acts and be a woman of substance.

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