This Brutality Needs to End Already as Youths are Suffering the Most

Police Brutality Kenya

It’s sad and devastating to see where we are going as a country because of what we want to be achieved by our own government ‘probably’. Lots of young people have lost their lives so quickly even before their grandparents or parents.

Political issues are starting to be personal issues among friends and neighbors, hating each other with different leaders who don’t even pay your rent or put food on your table. Some have been caught in the middle and lost their lives because they were at the wrong place and wrong time.

Will their souls rest in peace? Even if we all reply RIP at the comment section. They had plans to be useful in this cruel world of ours, make a difference and be someone to be looked up to when successful. Where will all the dreams go to?

Future leaders are slowly drifting away from our fingers just by different tribes and opinions. Not everybody is safe at the moment, uncertainty is our anthem.

“Up to now I am still in shock of what is happening, happened and what is to happen in this future. He was shot and slaughtered to death by a brutal officer who decided to teargas people who tried to save him. Took a knife cut your head like a chicken chopped the bullets to clear evidence, so as not to be tracked and be accused of life to save his job” said OG.

He was a young man not too old to be a dad but young enough to be someone important in this country. Love if you are to love now, with the way situations are, YOLO will be applied.

Ironically It’s not the first incident we have heard of this inhuman acts against innocent beings, not too long ago the University of Nairobi was raided by police officers who punished a few of innocent people who were somehow involved in the demonstrations. They were bitten and harassed brutally.

Learning was disrupted and the school closed till peace was assured. All because they were expressing their emotions in the streets of Nairobi. A young girl was also murdered at their home due to the same circumstances.

Will this act end and live normal lives again? If so is there any compensation for those who lost their lives? What if he or she is the only child and the parents can’t have children, how will you dry their tears and comfort them of their only blessing?

Many businesses have collapsed due to these problems, how will they recover their losses if they are not assured of peace? Pray to see each day with God’s mercy.

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