This is Me: This is my story

Being born and raised in a Muslim family meant no interaction with men. Therefore I developed with the mentality that no man should either touch or even talk to me except for those in my family. And by touch, I mean shaking hands or even a hug. Believe me it worked for all my years till it was time to join campus. All kind of questions circulated in my brains on how I’m going to survive in such an environment. All my levels of schooling consisted of me being in a girl’s school. Not that I liked it, but it wasn’t my choice either.

Id contemplate on whether I should remain at home or continue with studies since I was also afraid of them “Men”. It wasn’t like anything wrong had happened for me to develop fear of men, but the outside world I was exposed to showed me a bitter side of them. Anyways that’s a story for another day.

I gathered the courage to face my fears and go to university. All kind of lectures were given on going to university. “People get unwanted pregnancies” they said. “University changes a person’s modesty” they added. The list is endless believe me.

So yeah, I went to university, and most of the things they said are kind of facts. I wondered on whether to make friends with guys or not, but then how was I going to survive in such an environment where every girl thinks they are better than the other and everything is a competition? This is it! I went ahead and did what I thought was right for me; making friends, interacting with everyone and never have I seen life so smooth than that. I stayed in my lane and had my limits. Them ‘men ‘that I used to hate became of great help to me in my academics.

The main lesson that I learnt was

It is how we carry ourselves and what comes out of our mouths that really attract people towards us. Our personalities are what outsmart our faces. What we give is what we receive. Be good and the world shall give you endless good opportunities and good people.