THREE Reasons why you Should Vote Daphine Githuku as the Next UNSA President

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Daphine Githuku is definitely giving other UNSA Presidential aspirants a sleepless night due her political acumen and campaign strategy. The only serious female contender for the top seat is poised to become the first female student to lead the most powerful student body in Kenya. The Political Science student has made herself a name in the business world and today we present to you five reasons why you should vote for her as the UNSA President.

  1. Political and Business Connection

Daphine is as connected in the political world as she is in the business world and has promised to use her connections for the betterment of the students. Speaking at Lower Kabete Campus, Miss Githuku promised to use her connections and have a meeting with Equity Bank’s CEO Dr. James Mwangi to increase the number of female students benefiting from the Wings to Fly programme. Politically, she is well connected to notable politicians. Electing her will put UoN students within the reach of national leaders including the president!

  1. The first female UoN leader.

Daphine is set to make history three times in one sweep and you are invited to be part of the party by voting for her. First, she will make history as the first female student to lead the UoN student’s body ever since the institution was established. Secondly, she will make history as the first UNSA president since the adoption of the constitution. And thirdly, she will make history as the first student leader to prioritize the rights of the girl child as we strive towards gender equity in leadership. You can only wish to be on the right side of history.

  1. Student Mothers, your voice will be heard

Student mothers at UoN have never had anyone in a position of leadership to champaion for their rights. However, in Daphine Githuku, you have an opportunity to be heard and for your welfare to be addressed. Miss Githuku promised to help student mothers cope with their motherhood and academic life by establishing a society in which these students can meet and exchange ideas while encouraging each other. This will promote their welfare on campus.

In a nutshell, there is no aspirant with an elaborate plan like Daphine Githuku. As she plans to unveil her manifesto, she will be the only student leader with your needs at heart.

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