Three Things You Should NEVER Forget on Campus

The Campus Lady Magazine

By Vavine Shikali,

Campus life is easy for any campus lady. It’s like taking an evening stroll, and your legs are on fire, and the ground is on fire, and everything is on fire because you are in hell.

Welcome to hell first years!


Don’t die of fear just yet, there is hope. Campus is a world of freedom and choice. And right about now, we are choosing the lesser evil; we are choosing not to wine and dine with the devil.

The Campus Lady Magazine
Three Things You Should Never Forget on Campus

I could start by telling you this: thou shall not forget the advice that’s been trickling in from your Mum, your Aunt (the very annoying one who keeps on involving herself in your family’s issues), the speakers at the orientations you attend all through the first and second week of campus and from any other person who takes it upon themselves to remind you to be the ‘good girl’ while in campus.

Mothers worry too much (or so we think). Aunts should worry about their own children. And no one even wants to attend those campus orientations anymore!

Hey, I’m none of those, but to get through the four or so years in campus, here are a few things you should not forget.

Protect your heart of gold.

If you’ve just joined campus and all you are thinking of is dating, then your priorities are all wrong! These boys (no, they are not men just yet) will prey on you like it’s their whole duty on earth. You will cohabit, wash his clothes, cook for him, maybe even get pregnant with his child, and he will still cheat on you. You will cry yourself to sleep afterwards nursing heartbreak and another guy will come in the name of wiping away your tears, don’t fall for it, boys will always be boys!


After you are done with the trials and errors of love, your heart will have grown too cold to break, and you won’t seem to be able to love anymore. This is exactly the point where half the ladies in Campus turn into whores (for lack of a better word). Not even your first love will mean a thing to you anymore.

Did I say all campus relationships are prone to fail? We are not going down that road; we are still choosing the lesser evil.

Cross out ‘finding love’ from your list and replace it with ‘letting love find me’.

Do not do what the Romans do.

Just don’t. You do not have to fit in. If you do not believe in the two inches skirts, partying every Friday, drowning in alcohol, smoking weed and the likes, then DON’T DO IT. Hold on tight to what you believe in. Cross out ‘trying new things’ from your list and have something more specific. Be sure of which new thing you want to try.

You may be tempted to not attend lectures because your roommate or your friend does not and she still miraculously maintains good grades. You may even be tempted to not study for exams because everyone uses Mwakenya. Here is something you should keep in that list ‘Attend classes and study for exams’. Let no one talk you out of it. The knowledge will go a long way even in the life after campus. Graduating never misses on any list. So please do! After the four or so years, graduate and make us proud.

Be authentic.

This is the greatest of them all! Know thyself, accept thyself, love thyself. Live within your limits. Be real. Do not try to imitate the life of someone else. Life will be a whole lot easier if you will just be you. We will all learn to love and accept you if you first love and accept yourself. How well could you do this than by being authentic?

Thank me later.


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