THREE Tips for COVID-Friendly College Searching

Chances are that COVID-19 hit before you could go out to search for your college of choice to join this September. As a result, you probably spent the last four months locked in a freak out cycle and wishing for things to change for the better. Maybe it is time to change your college searching strategies and I am here to help you out!  University College administrations understand the hell of a roller coaster ride of college searching these days, and they are doing their utmost to adapt the process of years past to current safety needs. If you feel at a loss for how to proceed, consider these next few tips as your manual to COVID college searching.

1. Reach out to the Admissions Department

Colleges are like the Church of Scientology; if you really want to know what’s going on, you’ll have to talk with someone on the inside. Many admissions offices happily respond to requests from prospective students to talk with admissions counselors or other faculty. Reach out to the admissions department. Make a personal connection if you haven’t already. Admissions staff are a great resource to connect you to offices on-campus and learn more about topics such a financial aid, student employment, and campus life. An admissions officer can not only answer your general concerns and questions regarding COVID-19, but also refer you to other faculty and staff with specific knowledge of your interests.

2. Make Use of your Social Media

You probably spent the last four months switching feverishly between news feeds, so now it’s time to put your socials to good work. First of all, follow colleges social media channels to stay connected to the most recent announcements and news. Many universities in Kenya are still in the process of figuring out this whole COVID-19 thing, and arrangements and policies for coming semesters can change day-to-day. Stay on top of public announcements, press releases and new policies. By doing this, you’ll avoid changing your mind last minute because of new information.

3. Take Advantage of Recent Graduates or Current Students

Put on your sleuth cap and reach out to current or graduated students in your desired departments. From them, learn about their experience at the college, what they like about it, what they don’t and what they wish they’d known when applying. Remember that admissions reps and recruiters have a vested interest in convincing you to apply. That doesn’t mean they’re unreliable, but the most unbiased accounts of a school will always come from the students.

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