To the ladies graduating without a plan

Graduating without a plan_

The graduation season is finally here with us and I know many ladies are freaking worried about not having a plan. Even for those who always have plans for almost everything, graduation can easily get you off-guard. Particularly, the hunt for post-graduation employment can be a lot harder than you expect it to be.

You have been in campus four or five or six years depending on your course. You probably went for attachment but are not sure if they would take you in on internship as well. In readiness for your graduation, you have probably made several applications but you are yet to hear anything from them.

The hunt is never stopped. You have had to keep looking. Most probably, you have classmates whose parents have already made deals for them to get employed immediately after graduation. Some of them are already planning about accepting their first job offer. Do not be discouraged. It is okay to not have a plan sister!

Remember, campus life is all about figuring yourself out. It accords you an opportunity to discover what you like and what you are particularly good at. However, as your graduation nears, you’re about to start the next huge chapter of your life. This is the chapter that contains what you might be doing for the rest of your life. Stop and think for a moment: if you are going to work for years and years to come, why rush into it?

It is way better to wait and have a decent job with what you want to do than to take a job that you are offered and which you are not passionate about. The thousands of college grads looking for jobs makes it that much harder to break into the industry. Not to mention the corruption that bedevils our country that requires you to be ‘connected’ to get a job.

On your graduation day, you will get to hear from the uncles who will ask you to email them your CVs. Don’t worry, email them but do not depend on them for opportunities because they might not even open the email. Shortly after you graduate, people will stop picking your calls. Those you meet often will being to ask “so what are you doing with your life?” It is okay to not have the right answer to such a question. Others will even start proposing that you get married and get yourself a husband to provide. Do not entertain such thoughts unless you have actually planned for the same.

Remember that everything happens for a reason, and that if something doesn’t happen now, the right thing will come along. The trick is to be persistent. Remain focused. You must remind yourself that you are intelligent and capable of doing so much. That just because you have a college degree with no “real” job yet doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to do anything.

As someone once told me, you are your own genius. There are qualities and talents that you have that no one else possesses, so keep that with you. You are the way you are for a reason, and it’s something special.

So just because you’re not sure what the next chapter of your life will bring you, enjoy the time you have to yourself before you have to start working for the rest of your life. Stay persistent in that job search, and know that the right opportunity will come along.

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