Top 5 Fashion Trends that will Define Campus Life in 2018

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Campus is usually the place where fashion and everything trendy is discovered. Campus ladies are often on the forefront of getting the latest fashion trends. After some background research, here are some trends that might define the life of Kenyan Campus ladies in 2018. You notice that some of these trends have withstood the test of time all through.

5. Ripped Jeans

Previously believed to be a trend for the bad girls who would rather spend their weekend in Shisha dens than attend those group discussions, ripped jeans are finding themselves in the closets of those good girls on campus. This college fashion trend caught every one by surprise and girls are today pushing it even further by ripping them further. It is therefore hard to imagine this tattered jeans out of the trends that will define 2018.

4. Head Wraps

While this trend may not be ideal for the first few days of the semester, head wraps will define campus fashion especially when the semester is about to end and the accounts are dry, exams are stressing and everything seems to be going against ladies. Head wraps are a savior during bad hair days. This year, be ready to meet as many campus ladies turning their bad hair days into fashion statements with head wraps.

3. Reinventing Mtumba

Have you noticed how the number of people who sell ladies’ outfits on campus keep increasing? It’s because we have a ready market for these outfits that go for something between Ksh. 50 and Ksh. 300 yet look like they are worth a fortune. Most of these outfits are actually re-invented Mtumba from Gikomba that has been washed and ironed well. Be ready to spot them around campus this 2018.


2. All-purpose Handbags

Well, these have been with us since time immemorial and they are not going to go away this year…they will only get bigger :). These all-purpose handbags can carry everything a campus lady needs for an entire week. They come in varied colors and designs but their purpose in 2018 will be to help you remain beautiful, attend classes, go out with girls and even go for a date that could lead you to a man’s house.


1. Ankara

There is something about Ankara that every campus lady now wants to have an ankara product. Ankara shoes, ankara belt, ankara outfit, ankara head wrap, ankara handbag, ankara everything!! Be ready to spot an ankara product on campus this year…you can in fact jump on to the bandwagon yourself and get yourself one!

What else do you think will form the campus fashion trend this year? Share in the comments.


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