New Skirt so short that it comes with built in underwear

Trendy New Skirt

Kenyan Campus ladies often want to try on the latest fashion trends to keep up with the world. However, a new skirt seems to be a step too far for some fashion fans, and they have no idea what to make of it.

While some of the latest bold looks on the high street leave a lot to imagination, daring campus ladies would not hesitate to go out in them as long as they can afford.

Many fashionistas have claimed that when it comes to fashion, less is more and this trendy new skirt may be a confirmation.

Apparently, going out showing off your bum cheeks and under boob is totally acceptable today.

Fashion Nova’s Hotter Than You Lace Up Camo Skirt isn’t for the fainthearted, and as well as being extremely short the sides are nothing more than a few pieces of string.

The new skirt comes in a number different colours and patterns, including camouflage print.

Customers Raise Questions about the new Skirt

Shoppers raised a valid questions – can you wear underwear with it?

One customer wrote: “I wanna know how do you wear any underwear under that skirt”.

The customer’s question was necessitated by the fact that the skirt is literally so brief to wear anything under.

Another added: “I mean everyone will know you’re not wearing underwear but… “fashion”.”

But don’t worry, the designers have thought of everything and the skirt comes with built in underwear.

One needs to find out, if the new skirt is available in different sizes for women across the body spectrum.

But others were loving the daring design.

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A photo of it shared on the company’s official Instagram page has been liked more than 21,000 times.

As a Campus Lady in Kenya, would you wear such a skirt to a lecture hall?

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